acute triangle

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a triangle whose interior angles are all acute

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Because in any acute triangle are true the following inequality: [PI] cosA > 0 according with the identity (5) it follows that the inequality (6) is true.
In a given acute triangle we would like to inscribe a triangle with minimal perimeter (on each side of the triangle ABC there should be one vertex of the inscribed triangle, see Figure 6 left).
That confirmed a triangle with all angles less than 90 degrees is an acute triangle e.g.
in an acute triangle ABC, where a,b,c are the lenghts of sides BC, CA, AB; A,B,C are the measures of the angles [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] calculated in radians, r is the radius of incircle; s is the semi-perimeter; R is the radius of circumcircle and [DELTA] is the area.
Here is a simple question from the Gardner collection: What is the least number of acute triangles into which an obtuse angled triangle can be dissected?
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