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inflammation of the tonsils (especially the palatine tonsils)

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One hundred fifty three patients (79%) were suffering from recurrent acute tonsillitis; while 37 (21%) patient were complained from first acute tonsillitis.
Patients with peritonsillar inflammation (PI) had significant increased PTA score values compared to controls and patients suffering from acute tonsillitis without (w/o) peritonsillar inflammation (*** p < 0.001, ** P < 0.01).
Peritonsillar abscesses are among the most frequent and significant complications of acute tonsillitis. Immediate perioral incision and drainage may be critical to prevent deep neck infection in these patients.
This might be due to inadequate over the counter treatment taken by these classes for acute tonsillitis which leads to persistence of infection.
The formation of the PTA is probably an evolution from acute tonsillitis to peritonsillar tonsillitis to peritonsillar abscess [1].
In a 2014 Cochrane review [4] assessing the effectiveness of adeno-/ tonsillectomy in reducing the frequency and severity of sore throat in patients with chronic or recurrent acute tonsillitis, benefit was shown to be modest at best.
Material and Methods: All the patients presenting with recurrent acute tonsillitis and fulfilling the criterion were included.
(5) Still, whether tonsillectomy is worthwhile in adults is debatable; Burton et al found no evidence that tonsillectomy is effective for chronic or recurrent acute tonsillitis in adults.
His complaints had first started with sore throat one month ago when he had been diagnosed as acute tonsillitis and treated with antibiotic for one week.
Tonsillar size is an important indicator of recurrent acute tonsillitis. Clin Otolaryngol Allied Sci 2004; 29:369-371.
Guttate psoriasis is a distinctive acute form of psoriasis, and typically erupts explosively over large areas of the skin surface, usually 1-2 weeks after an episode of acute tonsillitis or pharyngitis.
The two terms, acute pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis, are therefore being used synonymously.
Exclusion criteria included children less than 5 years, any nasal pathology, history of acute tonsillitis within six weeks and bleeding diathesis.
He was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis and was given oral antibiotics and antipyretics.
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