acute schizophrenic episode

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Synonyms for acute schizophrenic episode

schizophrenia of abrupt onset and relatively short duration (a few weeks or months)

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Efficacy and tolerability of asenapine in acute schizophrenia: A placebo- and risperidone-controlled trial.
Efficacy of brexpiprazole in patients with acute schizophrenia: Review of three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.
Sforza et al., "Plasma prolactin response to domperidone in acute schizophrenia and schizophreniform illness," Psychiatry Research, vol.
Some politicians in Lebanon suffer from acute schizophrenia. Day in and day out, they spend half their day waxing poetic about the virtues of coexistence, and the other half scaremongering about the threats posed by everyone who is not from their small sect or group.
They're all victims of the show's acute schizophrenia that reared its ugly head with barbarity in week one, when Fil "with an F" Henley swaggered in with all the rock-star charisma of Ronnie Corbett and made a total illock-with-a-P of himself.
He told the court through a translator that he heard voices - a result of his acute schizophrenia. The voices "direct how I act, sometimes they say kill, fight, hit, pray", he said.
At this time, the best that we are able to conclude about the relative efficacy of the three new SGAs is that all are superior to placebo in the acute treatment of acute schizophrenia, and, in the case of Saphris, manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder.
According to the review, the mother's mental health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia.
The criteria for inclusion in the Depression in Acute Schizophrenia (DepASch) and Depression in Chronic Schizophrenia (DepChrSch) groups were based on screening of individuals with known schizophrenia.
11 March 2010 - Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma America Inc (DSPA), a US subsidiary of Japanese Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co Ltd (TYO: 4506), said yesterday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently accepted for review the lurasidone New Drug Application (NDA) for the treatment of patients with acute schizophrenia.
He developed a controversial treatment for acute schizophrenia based on the principles of respect, shelter, sound nutrition, appropriate medication, and the administration of large doses of certain water-soluble vitamins, in the process carrying out among the first controlled clinical trials in psychiatry.
North Wales randomized controlled trial of cognitive behaviour therapy for acute schizophrenia spectrum disorders: two-year follow-up and economic evaluation.
It looks at Britain's most famously mad King, George III, and investigates the stories of Queen Victoria's clinical depression and Henry VI's acute schizophrenia.
Brennan had a long history of mental illness and since the killing has been diagnosed with having acute schizophrenia, though many say this was obvious before.
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