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a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs)

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of patients ENT Infections Total Male Female Acute pharyngitis 6 8 14 Acute pharyngotonsillitis 1 4 5 Acute tonsillitis 0 1 1 Acute pharyngitis and acute rhinitis 1 0 1 Adeno tonsillitis with acute otitis media 0 1 1 Chronic pharyngitis with sinusitis 0 3 3 Acute otitis media 0 1 1 Acute otitis media with sinusitis 0 1 1 Acute otitis media with tonsillitis 1 1 2 Chronic suppurative otitis media 1 4 5 Chronic sinusitis 1 3 4 Chronic tonsillitis 2 0 2 Total 13 27 40 Table-3: Bacteria isolated from oropharynx of the patients with ENT infections Bacteria Isolated ENT infection No.
NEW YORK -- The neti pot, a device whose roots can be traced to Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India, has become a mainstream solution for consumers seeking to clear the nasal and sinus congestion that results from such conditions as chronic sinusitis, the common cold, acute rhinitis and nasal allergies.
In case of acute rhinitis, the children suffer from Nasal stuffiness and non-significant fever, sneezing and nasal discharge besides cough.
The girl returned to the United States with symptoms including prodromal fever, cough, conjunctivitis, and acute rhinitis (coryza) on May 14, and a rash on May 16.
The Artemisia abrotanum nasal spray preparations were provided to the study participants who applied their medication at home in relation to an acute rhinitis episode, shortly after characteristic allergic symptoms had occurred.
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