acute pyelonephritis

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pyelonephritis resulting from the spread of a bladder infection

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Diffusion-weighted imaging and apparent diffusion coefficient values versus contrast-enhanced MR imaging in the identification and characterisation of acute pyelonephritis.
Resolution of cortical lesions on serial renal scans in children with acute pyelonephritis.
introduction in 1996, LEVAQUIN has gained widespread use in the treatment of adults for a variety of bacterial infections caused by susceptible pathogens, including: acute bacterial sinusitis, acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, nosocomial pneumonia, community-acquired pneumonia, complicated and uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections (mild to moderate), chronic bacterial prostatitis, complicated and uncomplicated urinary tract infections (mild to moderate) and acute pyelonephritis (mild to moderate).
Of 63 women aged 18 years and older who had been hospitalized with acute pyelonephritis between January 1982 and December 1992, 29 (46%) were found to have renal scars 10 or more years later on dimercaptosuccinic acid scans, while 34 (54%) did not.
The important thing when you get a case like this is to be sure to distinguish between the woman with acute pyelonephritis and the woman with acute chorioamnionitis," he cautioned.
LEVAQUIN is dosed once daily and indicated for a wide variety of infections including nosocomial pneumonia, mild-to-moderate cases of complicated urinary tract infections, acute pyelonephritis, uncomplicated urinary tract infections, acute maxillary sinusitis and acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis.
An 82-year-old woman with a ring pessary developed vaginal bleeding; biopsies showed extensive surface ulceration, necrosis, and suppurative inflammation, and she died from acute pyelonephritis with hydronephrosis.
Although the sensitivity of US in detecting acute pyelonephritis is low, the sensitivity for complications, including abscess and pyonephrosis, is quite high.
Flank pain Inflammation and oedema of upper tract and kidneys in acute pyelonephritis.
Acute pyelonephritis is a serious and common medical complication of pregnancy.
In contrast, symptoms localised to the kidneys and urinary tract become more common as children get older, although high fever may also be the only sign of acute pyelonephritis in a young child.
A 6-month-old male infant was referred to our department with bladder outlet obstruction, associated with acute pyelonephritis, with a urethral catheter in situ.
Fifty children (median age, 24 months; range 2-144 months) with a first episode of acute pyelonephritis were randomly assigned to receive, in single-blind fashion, a single intramuscular dose of vitamin A (25,000 lU for age < 1 year, 50,000 lU for older children) or no vitamin A (control group).
Acute pyelonephritis is characterized by shaking chills, flank pain, high fever, and pain in the muscles and joints.
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