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Synonyms for response

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Synonyms for response

something spoken or written in return, as to a question or demand

an action elicited by a stimulus

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Synonyms for response

a statement (either spoken or written) that is made to reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation

the manner in which something is greeted


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a phrase recited or sung by the congregation following a versicle by the priest or minister

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the speech act of continuing a conversational exchange

the manner in which an electrical or mechanical device responds to an input signal or a range of input signals

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Haemodialysis and the acute phase response in chronic uraemic patients.
In agreement with previous studies [14, 15], the amount of macrophage-derived [sup.3]H-cholesterol present in plasma was lower in WT mice undergoing an acute phase response compared to control WT mice, an effect that was statistically significant at the earlier time point (Figure 2(a)).
The best option in the Third-World setting is probably to use pre-albumin, which is less influenced by the acute phase response. If that is unavailable it may be wise to do serial measurements of traditional methods and to plot trends.
Dr R Roubenoff from the USA provided an excellent overview of the acute phase response and lean tissue depletion associated with the ageing process.
A review on the acute phase response in major depression.
The results from this cytokine release include initiation of the acute phase response (APR), changes in the body's ability to metabolize and use macronutrients, and suppressed appetite (Bowers, 2001).
She explains the role of CRP in the acute phase response, its connection to atherogenesis, the effects of statin therapy in lowering levels of CRP and reducing cardiac events, using CRP as a measure of outcome in patients with severe unstable angina, and the possibility of a connection between elevated levels of CRP and cardiac risk in women on postmenopausal hormone therapy.
Cytokines and the hepatic acute phase response. Journal of Pathology, 181, 257-266.
Discussion: Data indicate clearance is inversely related to the acute phase response (as the inflammatory process resolves individual clearance improves).
Moreover, the acute phase response may not be as marked as in younger patients.
The acute phase response induces several systemic events such as fever, leukocytosis, and increases in cortisol concentrations, in addition to APP regulation (ECKERSALL, 1995; ECKERSALL, 2000).
Furthermore, pathway analysis showed that distinct pathways may be activated in ARDS such as acute phase response signaling and inflammation signaling in macrophages.[sup][25]
Compared with parenteral nutrition, enteral feeding attenuates the acute phase response and improves disease severity in acute pancreatitis.
CRP is one of the acute phase reactants that may rise in concentration because of the synthesis by hepatocytes during acute phase response to inflammation.
Key words: Babesiosis newborn foals hemogram Acute phase response Acid base balance Blood gas analysis.
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