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Methods: The multi-centre prospective cross-sectional study was conducted in 8 major cities of Pakistan between June 2012 and February 2013 and comprised patients presenting with acute pharyngitis.
Clinicians' management of children and adolescents with acute pharyngitis.
The two terms, acute pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis, are therefore being used synonymously.
According to the HAAD, acute pharyngitis (throat inflammation) is the topmost reason for sick leave in the emirate.
Murazliev's lawyer Vika Kargabaeva reported that at the time of arrest he had been treated with a diagnosis of acute pharyngitis and trachyte.
Acute pharyngitis is characterized by an inflammation of the oropharyngeal cavity and the surrounding lymphoid tissue) Inflammation manifests as pain of varying intensity.
Pediatric prescribing patterns for acute bronchitis, otitis media, and acute pharyngitis were investigated as antibiotics are commonly prescribed for these predominantly viral upper respiratory tract infections.
Only one patient with EN was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis, and the majority of tests for GAS were negative.
Replacement of the traditionally described rheumatogenic M types with non rheumatogenic types has been observed in acute pharyngitis cases (34).
The majority of cases of acute pharyngitis have a viral etiology.
Adult medicine patients presenting with acute pharyngitis or acute URI were most frequently attended by PAs/NPs (55.
The goal of the management of acute pharyngitis in adults in primary care should be to identify patients requiring specific diagnosis and therapy and to avoid unnecessary and potentially deleterious therapy in the rest, said Dr.