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inflammation of the spinal cord

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Kobayashi, "Acute myelitis associated with hyperIgEemia and atopic dermatitis," Journal of the Neurological Sciences, vol.
Diagnosis of NMO is made based on the presence of core clinical characteristics like optic neuritis, acute myelitis, area postrema syndrome, acute brainstem syndrome, symptomatic narcolepsy, or acute diencephalic clinical syndrome with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder- (NMOSD-) typical diencephalic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) lesions and symptomatic cerebral syndrome with NMOSD-typical brain lesions with or without NMO Immunoglobulin G (NMO-IgG) [4].
(3,4) We report a rare case of pulmonary mucormycosis presenting with acute myelitis and showing spinal cord and vertebral body infarction probably due to air embolism along the venous plexus of the spinal cord.
Another evidence for ZIKV neurotropism is the reported case of a young girl with acute myelitis with a possible ZIKV etiology.
These guidelines require two definite criteria: (i) optic neuritis and (ii) acute myelitis plus at least two of three supportive criteria: (i) contiguous spinal cord MRI lesion extending over 3 vertebral segments, (ii) brain MRI not meeting criteria for multiple sclerosis, and (iii) NMO-IgG seropositive status.
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