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inflammation of a breast (or udder)

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Table 1: Frequency of FNA diagnosis of 1,000 breast lesions in various age groups Breast lesions Age (years) 16-20 21-30 31-40 Inflammatory Acute mastitis 3 26 8 diseases Chronic granulomatous 4 7 9 (n = 159) mastitis Tubercular mastitis 1 4 3 Benign Fibroadenoma 108 327 3 lesion Lactating adenoma 4 26 6 (n = 573) Fibrocystic change - 5 19 Fibroadenosis 12 17 1 Gynecomastia 5 6 Galactocele 1 2 3 Benign phyllodes 2 1 Organized hematoma 2 2 1 Malignant Duct carcinoma 7 lesion Mucinous carcinoma (n = 268) Papillary carcinoma Medullary carcinoma Lobular carcinoma Metastasis Total Breast lesions Age (years) Total ?
They were considered to be the chronic transfer of acute mastitis. In these cases, the ultrasonography showed great heterogeneous.
As a result, they discovered that acute mastitis was more likely in ewes with poor udder conformation, teat lesions and inadequate nutrition in pregnancy, as well as those feeding twins or triplets.
That causes decrease in production in the form of loss in milk yield, condemned milk, animals earlier culling and replacements [10] and more 10% decrease in residual lactation after occurrence of acute mastitis.
No ulceration was observed in 28 cases of acute mastitis (MCCUE & WILSON, 1989).
Benign fibroadenoma was most commonly seen (in 31 patients) followed by benign epithelial hyperplasia (17 patients), inflammatory acute mastitis (10 patients), malignant--ductal (10 cases), benign fibrocystic lesion (9 cases).
(2011) treated acute mastitis in goat with Amoxicillin-Cloxacillin.
Among 11 cases [Table 6], the maximum cases were of acute mastitis and tuberculous mastitis (three cases each).
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