acute kidney failure

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renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tract

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Although her veterinarian initially said the cat appeared to be in relatively good health, a blood test showed that he had acute kidney failure, the medical condition believed to be caused by the contaminated food.
Acute kidney failure currently requires a lengthy hospital stay, often involving daily kidney dialysis in the Intensive Care Unit.
Mandy, aged 31, from Clovelly Road, Wyken, needed a transplant after suffering acute kidney failure in May 1999.
Ian, 52, suffered acute kidney failure two years ago and waited in vain for a suitable donor, spending nine hours a day on a dialysis machine.
The patient then developed acute kidney failure and congestive heart failure, according to the report.
Normal kidney function is essential to life, and acute kidney failure can often be reversed with treatment of the medical condition that caused the kidneys to fail, together with kidney dialysis, which takes over their function while the kidneys heal.
Such treatment would accelerate the natural healing process, shorten hospital stays, and reduce the death rate in hospitalized patients who develop acute kidney failure.
The beef hadn't been "precooked" enough to kill the bacteria, which is thought to be the leading cause of acute kidney failure in children.
The charity will open a clinic for those with acute kidney failure in the National Hospital, Pedro de Bethancourt.
It can be temporary, as in acute kidney failure, or long-term, as in end-stage kidney failure.
According to the European Commission, the buyout could proceed on the condition that Baxter divest its renal replacement therapy, serving patients suffering from acute kidney failure.
Washington, June 11 ( ANI ): Aspirin taken for five days before a heart operation can halve the numbers of patients developing post-operative acute kidney failure, a new research has revealed.
AN appeal has gone out to help a desperately ill boy, who is suffering from acute kidney failure.
It forms crystals in the kidneys and can lead to acute kidney failure.
The Mountain Ash Comprehensive pupil has also suffered acute kidney failure and has been battling cancer for five years.
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