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abnormally low level of sodium in the blood

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When we realized that the neurologic sequelae had been caused by acute hyponatremia, we infused a 3% sodium chloride solution until the neurologic symptoms resolved, at which time the patient's serum sodium level had risen back to 135 mEq/L.
Hospital-acquired acute hyponatremia and reports of pediatric deaths
In acute hyponatremia the most important risk to address is cerebral edema, because brain cells have too little time to adapt to cell swelling.
Any athlete exhibiting signs and symptoms of acute hyponatremia listed above should be screened for EAH by measuring plasma or serum [Na+].
Acute hyponatremia with resultant transcellular fluid shifts and cerebral edeme has been postulated as the primary cause.
Of these, 64 underwent venipuncture for measurement of plasma electrolytes because of clinical suspicion of acute hyponatremia (2).
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