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Synonyms for conjunctivitis

inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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A recent epidemic of coxsackievirus type A24 acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in Singapore.
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis caused by coxsackievirus A24 variant, South Korea, 2002.
Outbreak of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in French Guiana and West Indies caused by coxsackievirus A24 variant: phylogenetic analysis reveals Asian import.
An outbreak of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis occurred in Delhi, India, during August and September 1996, The etiologic agent was confirmed as enterovirus type 70 by a modified centrifugation-enhanced culture method followed by immunofluorescence and neutralization tests.
These viruses may also lead to acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC), characterized by photophobia, watering, and foreign body sensation, eyelid edema, conjunctival hemorrhages, and superficial punctate keratitis.
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