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inability of the heart to pump enough blood to sustain normal bodily functions

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Long-term survival after hospitalization for acute heart failure - Differences in prognosis of acutely decompensated chronic and new-onset acute heart failure.
Predicting mortality in patients with acute heart failure: Role of risk scores.
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Low-output states were excluded from the study as in our opinion in initial stages it is difficult to make a clear distinction between plain HF exacerbation with hypotension and developing cardiogenic shock being a classical form of acute heart failure.
It would also be beneficial to provide patients with educational pamphlets in the first outpatient visit after an admission for acute heart failure exacerbation to ensure appropriate education about the device.
Acute heart failure patient profiles, management and in-hospital outcome: results of the Italian Registry on Heart Failure Outcome.
Moreover, 17(39.5%) patients with AKI had acute heart failure compared to 25(15.2%) patients in the non-AKI group (p=0.0001) (Table-4).
PARIS -- Unwarranted prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors tripled the rate at which patients with atrial fibrillation needed hospitalization for a first episode of acute heart failure, in a retrospective study of 172 patients at a single center in Portugal.
In a regression analysis that controlled for age and chronic kidney disease, the incidence of acute heart failure was 2.9 times more common among patients on a PPI, Dr.
In our manuscript, trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO),1 as the biomarker of focus, was analyzed retrospectively after previously understanding its prognostic ability in acute heart failure (1), and we hypothesized that it might be prognostic for other acute cardiovascular conditions, namely acute myocardial infarction (MI).
Objective: To compare profile, clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients admitted with acute heart failure and reduced ejection fraction to those patients with preserved ejection fraction.
Executive summary of the guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of acute heart failure. Rev Esp Cardiol.
Patients with both type 2 diabetes and acute heart failure face a significantly lower risk of death but a higher risk of heart failure-related hospitalisation if they have had high systolic blood pressure on discharge from the hospital compared to those with normal blood pressure.
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