acute gastritis

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gastritis caused by ingesting an irritant (as too much aspirin)

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He was admitted in medical ward with provisional diagnosis of acute gastritis and patient was put on intravenous fluids, injectable 3rd generation cephalosporin (ceftriaxone) and intravenous infusion of omeprazole and no oral intake was permitted.
Distribution according to age and stomach histopathology Gastric Age [pounds sterling]50 Age >50 histopathology (years) (years) Total finding n (%) n (%) n (% Normal 2 (22.2) 6 (14.3) 8 (15.7) Acute gastritis 2 (22.2) 9 (21.4) 11 (21.6) Chronic gastritis 5 (55.6) 27 (64.3) 32 (62.7) Total 9 (100.0) 42 (100.0) 51 (100.0) [chi square]-test: [chi square]=0.3898, s.s=2, p=0.8229 Table 2.
Post-endoscopic diagnoses (N=1 799) Variables Patients, n (%) * Acute gastritis 471 (26.2) Duodenal ulcer 292 (15.8) Gastric ulcer 237 (13.2) Atrophic gastritis 188 (10.5) GORD 176 (9.8) Gastric erosion 158 (8.8) Normal endoscopic finding 155 (8.6) Gastric tumour 100 (5.6) Oesophageal varices 79 (4.4) Gastric polyp 20 (1.1) Duodenal polyp 12 (0.7) Oesophageal tumour 13 (0.7) Early gastric cancer 26 (1.4) Other ([dagger]) 69 (3.8) GORD = gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.
The physician said the students suffered acute gastritis.
The only thing that occurred to cast a shadow over the joy of the fans was the seizure of "Doc" Powers with acute gastritis in the seventh inning.
Among them were eight cases of pneumonia, five abscesses, and one case each of peritonitis, sepsis, and acute gastritis. There were two positive blood cultures, four positive urine cultures, three positive wound cultures, one positive peritoneal culture, and a positive Clostridium difficile test.
Half of the respondents stated that acute gastritis was the most common indication for prescribing PPI or [H.sub.2] blockers; 22% used them for prophylaxis against stress ulcers.
During the hospitalization, an abdominal ultrasonography and a gastroscopy were performed to exclude acute gastritis or colelitiasis, and detected hepatic steatosis and acute gastritis with hiatal hernia.
The most common CT imaging findings of acute gastritis is nonspecific gastric wall thickening.
Acute gastritis is an acute mucosal inflammatory process, usually of transient nature, while chronic gastritis refers to chronic inflammatory changes which may eventually lead to mucosal atrophy and epithelial metaplasia.
Marked neutrophilic infiltrates appear in the mucous neck region and lamina propria in early acute gastritis (Figure 2); when severe, they aggregate in the pit lumens to form pit abscesses.
Another common condition brought about by not eating on time in the workplace is known as acute gastritis which is irritation of the gastric lining due to increased production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
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