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inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon)

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Randomized clinical trial of observational versus antibiotic treatment for a first episode of CT-proven uncomplicated acute diverticulitis. Br/Surg.
Charlotte El-Sayed, from Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, U.K., and colleagues assessed the rate of hospital admission for recurrent acute diverticulitis and risk factors associated with recurrence among 65,162 patients admitted for first episode of acute diverticulitis from April 2006 to March 2011.
This was a retrospective cohort study conducted to determine the incidence of DD (defined as acute diverticulitis, diverticular hemorrhage, or secondary stricturing or fistulizing disease necessitating surgery) in patients with incidental diverticulosis identified in a previous prospective screening colonoscopy cross-sectional study.
Our patient's initial colonoscopy findings of a rectal ulcer, as well as diverticulosis showing signs of active infection, were highly suspicious for acute diverticulitis (Figure 2).
Heldenberg, "Acute diverticulitis ofthe smallbowel: CT findings," Abdominal Imaging, vol.
Sonography of the abdomen was suggested for patients with suspicious diverticulitis because diverticula can be seen in up to 50% of cases.[sup][11] Changes in pericolic fat, enlarged fluid-filled loops of bowel, hyperechoic areas within the lumen, and an abscess that presents a cystic mass with hyperechoic debris are also key sonographic features of acute diverticulitis.[sup][11] However, surgeon's skills, patients' conditions, and size of diverticula may account for the low percentage of correct diagnosis by sonography.
However, about four out of 100 people with diverticulosis develop acute diverticulitis, inflammation or infection of one or more diverticula, and about 15 percent suffer significant complications from their disease.
EA may be misdiagnosed as acute abdomen, appendicitis, or acute diverticulitis (9-11).
It is contraindicated in case of perforation or acute diverticulitis to suggest a perforation.
(6-9) In a recent study of diet for patients hospitalized with acute diverticulitis, 256 patients were evaluated.
Based on clinical assessment, he was felt to have acute diverticulitis and contrast CT was arranged for confirmation.
Diverticulosis and acute diverticulitis. Gastroenterol clin N Am.
Acute diverticulitis occurred in 6 patients receiving placebo and in 1 patient receiving the probiotic (p = 0.003).
In one study of 511 patients admitted for acute diverticulitis in 1994-2003, 5 of 12 patients (42%) who did not undergo surgery after percutaneous drainage of abscesses averaging 7 cm in size had a recurrence of diverticulitis (Am.
The spectrum of clinical features extends from asymptomatic diverticulosis to recurrent episodes of acute diverticulitis which may lead to potentially fatal complications.
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