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inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon)

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Double-contrast barium enema study is the best tool for evaluation of colon diseases and is contraindicated in acute diverticulitis due to the risk of perforation and peritonitis.
Church cautions against abandoning the use of antibiotics in acute diverticulitis, especially in people with severe infections or those with weakened immune systems, such as diabetes patients and the elderly.
Scattered colonic diverticula were noted, without adjacent inflammatory change to suggest acute diverticulitis.
16 Uncomplicated acute diverticulitis can be effectively managed conservatively on antibiotics and analgesia while giving the bowel some rest.
19) In our study the most common preoperative diagnoses were acute abdomen of uncertain origin (n=12), acute diverticulitis (n=5) and acute appendicitis (n=4).
Role of colonoscopy in patients with persistent acute diverticulitis.
Acute epiploic appendagitis may clinically mimic acute diverticulitis or acute appendicitis, as patients frequently present with acute onset, lower-quadrant pain though they are commonly afebrile and without leukocytosis.
The Klebsiella isolate producing this enzyme was isolated from an abdominal pus swab from a 70-year-old patient, following a partial colectomy for acute diverticulitis in a Pretoria hospital in 2010.
It also showed a non-obstructive bowel and diverticulosis without evidence of acute diverticulitis or an abscess.
The differential diagnosis of acute diverticulitis includes:
Unless acute diverticulitis has occurred, the only treatment required is a high-fibre diet and sometimes mild laxatives or drugs called anti- spasmodics which relieve spasm in the bowel wall.
of cases Gallstones 7 Acute appendicitis 6 Intestinal obstruction attributable to adhesions 3 Intestinal obstruction attributable to inguinal hernia 2 Duodenal ulcer 5 Acute diverticulitis 4 Intestinal perforation attributable to gastric ulcer 2 Ureteral lithiasis 7 Rupture of abdominal aneurysm 1 Acute myocardial infarction 1 Ovarian cyst 1 Rupture of ovarian cyst 1 Table 3.
Finally, Zarling et al compared a large number of patients admitted to the hospital with acute diverticulitis under the care of internists, family practitioners, and gastroenterologists.
The Loyola researchers found that the median length of hospital stay among the more than 3,700 acute diverticulitis patients studied was eight days for patients of internists, seven days for patients of family practitioners, and six days for patients of gastroenterologists.
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