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inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon)

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Acute diverticulitis typically demonstrates significant bowel wall thickening and extraluminal free air, which are absent with epiploic appendagitis.
Although it is often noted as an incidental finding during laparotomy, in 5% of cases it may present with serious complications such as massive bleeding, intussusception, obstruction and acute diverticulitis with risk of perforation.
Unless acute diverticulitis has occurred, the only treatment required is a high-fibre diet and sometimes mild laxatives or drugs called anti- spasmodics which relieve spasm in the bowel wall.
of cases Gallstones 7 Acute appendicitis 6 Intestinal obstruction attributable to adhesions 3 Intestinal obstruction attributable to inguinal hernia 2 Duodenal ulcer 5 Acute diverticulitis 4 Intestinal perforation attributable to gastric ulcer 2 Ureteral lithiasis 7 Rupture of abdominal aneurysm 1 Acute myocardial infarction 1 Ovarian cyst 1 Rupture of ovarian cyst 1 Table 3.
Last weekend's news coverage of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's surgery for colon cancer noted she was diagnosed originally as having acute diverticulitis and was treated for that until tests last week revealed her cancer.
Finally, Zarling et al compared a large number of patients admitted to the hospital with acute diverticulitis under the care of internists, family practitioners, and gastroenterologists.
The Loyola researchers found that the median length of hospital stay among the more than 3,700 acute diverticulitis patients studied was eight days for patients of internists, seven days for patients of family practitioners, and six days for patients of gastroenterologists.
Both patients with diverticulitis underwent laparascopic sigmoid colectomy for recurrent episodes of acute diverticulitis without any postoperative complications.
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