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inflammation of the peritoneum

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A total of 120 cases selected in the study who had attended Surgery OPD and admitted to Department of Surgery, as well as include those patients presenting to the Emergency Department with features of Acute Diffuse Peritonitis. These admitted patients were resuscitated immediately and meanwhile, they were evaluated carefully for the presence of co-morbid conditions and surgical fitness.
This is due to the fact that majority of the patients with co-morbid conditions had not present in the age group of perforative peritonitis which is the main cause of Acute diffuse peritonitis in our study.
Despite the lack of well-matched controls and multi-centricity, the intervention in the present study made it possible to prognosticate the patients with acute diffuse peritonitis up to optimum level.
The perforated tumor communicated with the jejunum, and then the GI contents effused via the hole of the tumor causing acute diffuse peritonitis. GISTs are usually associated with abdominal pain, palpable mass, or GI bleeding, accompanied by fever, anorexia, weight loss, or anemia.
However, GISTs originating from the jejunum rarely cause perforation, and also rarely cause acute diffuse peritonitis. These atypical clinical symptoms are extremely rare, and have been reported in very few literatures previously.
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