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16], treatment with zinc sulfate and ORS solution could lower diarrhea intensity and duration and in overall it had healing effect on acute diarrhea in infants.
These conditions are addressed in detail over the following seven chapters: Traveller's Diarrhea, Acute Diarrhea, Antibiotics-Associated Diarrhea and Colitis, Vaginal and Urinary Tract Infections, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Digestive Problems, Allergies and Other Miscellaneous Disorders.
With the monsoon season fast approaching, concerns are growing about an increase in avoidable sickness and death due to disease outbreaks, such as acute respiratory infection, acute diarrhea, malaria and meningitis.
It is characterized by acute diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
The studies included 16 analyses of acute diarrhea (15,231 children) and six of persistent diarrhea (2,968 children).
Trials have consistently shown that probiotics when given together with standard rehydration therapy, decrease the duration of acute diarrhea.
The standard treatment for acute diarrhea in children there is simple rehydration with a solution of sugar and salt.
The minor criteria are a positive family history, alternating buttock pain, enthesitis (inflammation of the muscular or tendinous attachment to bone), inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, urethritis, acute diarrhea, and radiographic evidence of sacroiliitis.
2 years who were seeking medical treatment for acute diarrhea, and 274 randomly selected control children with a median age of 3.
Ingesting a high dose of the waterborne bacteria Vibrio cholerae O1 produces cholera, an infection that causes severe dehydration brought on by acute diarrhea and vomiting.
Among the diseases it predicts would result from the bombings' effects were acute diarrhea brought on by bacteria such as E.
UNICEF said that so far this year, Syria has reported more than 105,000 cases of acute diarrhea.
Among these, the acute diarrhea segment is expected to account for the largest share and will be the fastest-growing segment in 2019, followed by obesity.
Over the past four months, about 10,000 children with acute diarrhea were brought to the hospital for treatment.
All patients were children 0-5 years of age, who were hospitalized for acute diarrhea at the Complexe Pediatrique, Bangui, the main hospital for children in the Central African Republic, and all had an illness that met the World Health Organization definition of a suspected case of rotavirus-A gastroenteritis (http://www.
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