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Synonyms for pinkeye

inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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Available medical records were reviewed for patients with diagnoses of acute conjunctivitis during June 1-November 4, 2016 from all six eye care practices on the affected island.
Among the 62 patients with acute conjunctivitis, 50 (80.6%) had conjunctiva samples with PCR positive for one of the viral agents.
A previous pilot study in Luanda, Angola, showed that clinical cases of acute conjunctivitis among newborns were frequent; [approximately equal to] 12% of infants were born with bilateral acute conjunctivitis (2).
M2 PHARMA-August 29, 2014-Nitto Medic to distribute Nicox's AdenoPlus acute conjunctivitis test in Japan
Efficacy of topical antibiotic therapy in acute conjunctivitis in children.
It then progresses to acute conjunctivitis and blindness and is invariably fatal.
The crowding of infected and susceptible hosts, a weakened public health infrastructure and interruptions of ongoing control programmes are all risk factors for vector-borne disease transmission.24 Eye infections (acute conjunctivitis) have been reported among 7% while Ear, nose and throat infection (ENT) among 5% flood victims.
In addition to the diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis, there are two other frequent causes of red eye.
A randomised controlled trial of management strategies for acute conjunctivitis in general practice.
Acute conjunctivitis is typified by redness and soreness of the clear covering, the conjunctiva, which coats the white of the eye and lines the inside of the eye lids.
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