acute angle

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an angle less than 90 degrees but more than 0 degrees

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At night, one could distinguish nothing of all that mass of buildings, except the black indentation of the roofs, unrolling their chain of acute angles round the place; for one of the radical differences between the cities of that time, and the cities of the present day, lay in the façades which looked upon the places and streets, and which were then gables.
Scott McGleish missed a great chance to equalise straight afterwards and Wayne Andrews was narrowly wide with a fine effort from an acute angle.
And in the 79th minute Clayton Blackmore powered a free kick home from an acute angle on the left.
"You just need to come in from a more acute angle so that your left shoulder does not fall away." It didn't work, but what did I care?
Andy Booth squandered two great chances before skipper Edwards cracked home his first goal of his second spell at the club from an acute angle.
Crewe failed to clear and midfielder Ian Hughes looped in a header which Adam Nowland controlled to score from an acute angle.
His team went 1-0 down after just four minutes when Ricardo Quaresma bent a superb free-kick from an acute angle to beat Derby keeper Lee Grant at his near post.
Jon Challinor opened the scoring for Aldershot early on when he curled the ball home from an acute angle after a corner kick.
Just 13 minutes later, though, rookie striker Roberts gave Cardiff a deserved lead when he cut inside Neil Howarth, rounded Price and netted from an acute angle - his third goal in four league starts.
62James McQuilkin cuts the deficit after striking a low shot from an acute angle through a host of players bunched in the six-yard box and past Alex Street.
Helonarth represents Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma; Purgasity represents Acute Uveitis and Paradisity Acute Conjunctivitis.
Venlafaxine and bilateral acute angle closure glaucoma.
The forearm's acute angle along the bottom delivers quicker height adjustment with reduced fore and aft movement.
Acute Angle, known for its cryptomining integration with Windows 10 computers, wants to redefine the rules of the cloud.
Apart from the proprietary iconic product Acute Angle PC featuring a triangular main unit based on Blockchain technology which has been a hit in more than 26 countries and regions, the store also offers a variety of ancillary blockchain products, transforming 31BLOCKCHAIN into a prestigious trendy BLOCKCHAIN product brand worldwide.
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