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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Patients are evaluated in four different clinical forms of symptomatic disease, those with acute abscess, chronic form, fistulized form, or complex form (4, 36).
Disease sometimes may be latent for years without any signs, while sometimes it may be manifested by acute abscess [1].
When becomes symptomatic, it usually presents as a chronic discharging sinus with previous history of an acute abscess. Acute pilonidal abscess, chronic pilonidal abscess/single discharging sinus and recurrent/complex pilonidal sinus disease with multiple openings are various ways of presentations.
Acute abscess formation and perianal abscesses require surgical drainage.
Histopathology of lymph node tissues can demonstrate a variety of findings, from an acute abscess to chronic granulomatosis.