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treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body

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Applying acupressure massage every day for six days, then taking a one-day break, then continuing for another five or six days and repeating the pattern until the lipoma is resolved seems to be an important element in ridding dogs of lipomas."
pounds 21.95 (6 pebbles) from Champneys foot spa and eyelash curler The Massaging Bubble Action Luxury Footspa (pounds 49.99) refreshes and rejuvenates the feet with four acupressure massage rollers and jets; the Heated eyelash curler (pounds 9.99) creates instant eyelash curling with a curling pad that changes colour to show the optimum heat.
The acupressure massage was therapeutic and the perfect way of relieving muscle tension after a long-haul flight, but that was just a starter.
Then it was on to the facial with cleansing, exfoliating, acupressure massage and moisturiser with the addition of a head massage while my face soaked in all the benefits of a mask.
Healthy Dogs, Your Loving Touch: Acupressure Massage for Your Dog is a step-by-step guide to the basics of traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, and massage and how to apply them to bond with and improve the health of one's beloved canine pet.
Specific active aromatherapy products are combined with acupressure massage, lymph drainage and Oriental Head Massage to leave the mind clear and the skin radiant and moisturised.
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital-previously known as the Cardiothoracic Centre, in Broadgreen - held the event, which involved guided tours of an operating theatre, free health checks, acupressure massage, salsa and Tai Chi classes.
An intense acupressure massage follows, and a soothing cucumber face mask and luxurious shampoo complete the experience.
Chapter 4 looks at screening clients and the contraindications of seated acupressure massage. In Chapter 5, the attention is turned on the body-worker and their responsibility to present a professional image and keep adequate records of their treatments.
The course will cover areas including aromatherapy, acupressure massage, nutrition and diet.
The course, scheduled to start in September, will allow students to look at personal and professional development, human biology and health, nutrition and diet, aromatherapy, deviation from health and acupressure massage.
Simon will be offering training courses in Thai massage, foot massage and seated acupressure massage at Ladywood Centre in Birmingham this week.