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Synonyms for acuminate

to give a sharp edge to

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make sharp or acute

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(of a leaf shape) narrowing to a slender point

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These scales have a polyodontode crown consisting of elongated, acuminate odontodes of round cross section (Fig.
2 mm; leaflets 3-4 pairs, chartaceous, puberulent, the distal 33-112 x 15-48 mm, the proximal 20-84 x 12-37 mm, elliptic, lanceolate-elliptic and ovate, venation brochidodromous, nervures 9-10 pairs, apex acuminate and obtuse, base oblique, margin revolute, ciliated.
Diagnosis: Laccocoris limigenus can be distinguished from its two known congeners in Tanzania by the triangular or acuminate labrum nearly as long as wide and the low, broad, and rounded mesosternal tubercle.
macropudenda stand apart from all the others: the former, on account of the very long and slender acuminate apophysis, and by having the clunium extended posteriorly, next to each paraproct, to join each antero-lateral corner of the epiproct, and the latter, on account of lacking epiproctal processes.
stevensonii, and most leaflets are ovoid or oblong with acuminate tips, while both Z.
micranthum 5 Machilus kusanoi 6 Litsea acuminate 7 Sasafras randaiense 8 Cassia siamea 9 Acacia confuse 10 Schefflera octophylla 11 Alnus formosana 12 Cyclobalanopsis gilva 13 C.
5E), with apex slightly acuminate when in repose, surpassing abdomen by twice its length.
5-3 mm wide, ovate-lanceolate, slightly keeled, green to purplish brown, apex acuminate.
8-) 7 (-8) cm wide; rounded apex, acuminate or obtuse, sometimes with a small mucro; cordate base, slightly cordate or obtuse, margin entire; coriaceous, adaxial face slightly tomentose or pubescent, adaxial face glabrous and shiny, venation brochidodromous-campdodromous.
Flowers pedicellate, the pedicel 0,5 mm long, subtended by a small, triangular acuminate, 2 mm long bract.
Chelicera: with 6 or 7 setae on hand; is and is acuminate, sbs, bs ; bs" and bs "' (when present) dentate, es either acuminate (most species) or dentate (T.
Ulen has erect juvenile plant growth, a recurved flag leaf, white glumes with an oblique shoulder and an acuminate beak.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: NEEDLE-LIKE, 1" long and 1/16" wide, triangular in cross-section, acuminate tip, stiff, sometimes singly, but more often spirally arranged on branchlets or small spurs.
2 cm, linear to linear-oblanceolate, chartaceous to spongiosus, blue-green, basically attenuate, apically acuminate, margin revolute; blade scales absent or 0.