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Synonyms for acuminate

to give a sharp edge to

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make sharp or acute

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(of a leaf shape) narrowing to a slender point

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These scales have a polyodontode crown consisting of elongated, acuminate odontodes of round cross section (Fig.
2 mm; leaflets 3-4 pairs, chartaceous, puberulent, the distal 33-112 x 15-48 mm, the proximal 20-84 x 12-37 mm, elliptic, lanceolate-elliptic and ovate, venation brochidodromous, nervures 9-10 pairs, apex acuminate and obtuse, base oblique, margin revolute, ciliated.
Diagnosis: Laccocoris limigenus can be distinguished from its two known congeners in Tanzania by the triangular or acuminate labrum nearly as long as wide and the low, broad, and rounded mesosternal tubercle.
macropudenda stand apart from all the others: the former, on account of the very long and slender acuminate apophysis, and by having the clunium extended posteriorly, next to each paraproct, to join each antero-lateral corner of the epiproct, and the latter, on account of lacking epiproctal processes.
stevensonii, and most leaflets are ovoid or oblong with acuminate tips, while both Z.
micranthum 5 Machilus kusanoi 6 Litsea acuminate 7 Sasafras randaiense 8 Cassia siamea 9 Acacia confuse 10 Schefflera octophylla 11 Alnus formosana 12 Cyclobalanopsis gilva 13 C.
5E), with apex slightly acuminate when in repose, surpassing abdomen by twice its length.
5-3 mm wide, ovate-lanceolate, slightly keeled, green to purplish brown, apex acuminate.
confirms the views of Garcia Aldrete & Mockford (1997), concerning the position of Hemicaecilius in the subfamily Lachesillinae: it is close to Nadleria on basis of the Rs-M crossvein in the forewing; similar hypandrium-claspers plan, although in Hemicaecilius the distal halves of the claspers are extremely long and distally acuminate; epiproct with a posterior projection, and paraprocts with an acuminate, mesal prong (for male terminalia of Nadleria, see Mockford, 1985 and Garcia Aldrete, 1996).
Herbal powders also include eucommia bark, kudzu root, Java leaf, gentian root and Massularia acuminate.
5-10 cm, inconspicuously lepidote, green toward the apex, strongly coriaceous; blades narrowly subtriangular-lanceolate, not narrowed at the base, 15-24 x 5-6 cm, green, inconspicously and sparsely white-lepidote mainly adaxially to glabrous, nerved, suberect with recurved apex, apex acuminate.
Staminate flower with 3 sepals, these ovate, acuminate, 0.
Pedipalps: Femur with five distinct carinae; dorsoexternal, dorsointernal, ventrointernal and externomedian carinae continuous, costate-granular; internomedian carina discontinuous, comprising row of isolated spiniform granules; externomedian and dorsoexternal carinae each with an acuminate macroseta distally; intercarinal surfaces finely and uniformly granular.
Pistillate flowers solitary on long slender pedicels 6-15 mm long, glabrous; ovary ovoid, acuminate, smooth or with very few (2-3) spines, basal ovuliferous zone of 1.