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a stiff sharp-pointed plant process

a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect

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Female terminalia: Oviscape: Tergal-oviscapal measure about 3; oviscape orange-yellow (black in discoloured specimens), subshiny, with dense brown setulae; aculeus elongate (ca 11x as long as wide) (Figs 18, 19).
The speed with which a scorpion can deliver a sting might be influenced not only by temperature, age, or gender, but also by the starting position of its telson (the last tail segment, to which the aculeus is attached) and its metasoma (tail).
4 + 5] setulose over all its length, and very short posteroapical lobe of cell bcu; femora without long or thickened setae; oviscape simple, slightly curved dorsally and densely setulose at its apex but bearing no sclerotized hooks; elongate, apically barbed, arrow-like aculeus in female; posteriorly directed finger-like surstyli in male.
Pyrgotomyia shares such characters as concave face without medial carina, short rounded palp, more than 2 dorsocentral setae, posteriorly directed surstyli of male, apically setulose oviscape and arrow-like aculeus with Gelomyia Hendel, 1908, Paragelomyia Hendel, 1933 and Trichempodia Enderlein, 1942; these characters apparently are synapomorphies of these four taxa.
11, 13), ventral surface slightly granular; dorsal surface smooth, with a well developed median glandular depression in males; aculeus very short and curved.
Aculeus long, 73-80% ([male]) to 81-85% ([female]) of vesicle length (Table 1), strongly curved.
Telson predominantly yellow, brownish basally near the dorsal surface; body of the subaculear tubercle and distal area of the vesicle brown, margins of the subaculear tubercle yellow; aculeus dark-red over almost its entire length, yellow basally.
Telson reddish, darker than segment V and with inconspicuous brownish spots ventroexternally; aculeus dark red, yellowish basally; subaculear tubercle yellowish.
Telson: vesicle faintly spotted on ventral surface, aculeus densely pigmented.
Telson: Aculeus represents 1/4 total length; ventral surface with 11 pairs of regular setae, not covered with long fine hairs.
Telson: Sparsely granular; vesicle with rounded ventral surface; aculeus slightly curved, of the same length as the vesicle (Figs.