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a quick and penetrating intelligence

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"The Acuity Goggle is ANSI Z87 compliant and is validated and generally appropriate for use in both aseptic and non-aseptic environments," Rataj said.
Another DHB's start on CCDM is on hold while it investigates validated acuity tools.
Acuity's path to industry-leading delivery times on new, custom projects started eight years ago with the spark of an idea from Davis, a designer with just about a year of casting experience under his belt.
The Acuity LED features an 8-color Fujifilm Uvijet ink set, including CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, white and clear, and allows printing white or clear ink in a single pass for even greater productivity.
No matter what the reason, uncorrected visual acuity is sure to affect their academic success.
It was concluded that the preserved photoreceptor layer is associated with a higher and better corrected visual acuity compared with granulated photoreceptor layer.
Acuity had considered building an internal team for the cold-calling and lead qualification but had no experience in the contact center business.
The authors concluded: "Observation without treatment unless visual acuity worsens may be a reasonable strategy for these eyes."
Buyer: Retina Institute of California Medical Group d/b/a Acuity Eye Group
"Charlie is a highly strategic and thoughtful leader with broad perspective of the industry and I'm thrilled to welcome him to HR Acuity," Deborah Muller, chief executive officer and founder of HR Acuity, said.
Mumbai, India, January 25, 2019 --( Acuity Eyecare Group, a market leading eyecare platform, has significantly improved process efficiency of its client facing and back office operations with a successful implementation of Nividous' Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.
Acuity Eyecare Group, a Texas-based owner/operator of eyecare groups and optometry practices, has announced it has acquired ABBA Eye Care and EyeCare Specialties, two new regional eyecare groups, totaling 18 locations in Colorado and Nebraska, the company said.
ACUITY Legal has announced a series of new promotions.
Acuity Market Intelligence has announced 2019 could be be a critical tipping-point for airport biometric facilitation, the company said.