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a quick and penetrating intelligence

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A conceptual review of the meaning of patient acuity and the related care demands was a beginning step.
Instruments for assigning CPs by acuity could not be found in the literature but measurements of acuity aimed at balancing workloads for RNs were available.
Acuity had considered building an internal team for the cold-calling and lead qualification but had no experience in the contact center business.
Acuity piloted the program with TeleNet in 2009 with two dedicated agents.
Participants were introduced or reintroduced to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) rules on acuity plans, and what should be included in developing an acuity tool.
Resident acuity scores for all categories are added together and averaged.
Moreover, she notes, such impairments may not show up in acuity tests.