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ending in a sharp point

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Is it still true in acuate changing media circumstances?
It is closely related to the genus Arcofacies Muir in the shape of vertex and frons, but differs in: vertex with length in middle line shorter than width of base about 0.79:1.00 (about 0.53-0.59:1.00 in the latter); frons longer in middle line than widest part about 3.25: 1.00 (about 1.75-2.17:1.00 in the latter); frons with median carina forked at extreme base (not forked in the latter); dorsum of body without median longitudinal stripe from apex of vertex to end of scutellum (in the latter, dorsum of body with a narrow stripe along median longitudinal carina of vertex, pro- and mesonotum, which are often white, bordered with brown or fuscous stripe); forewings rounded at apex (acuate at apex in the latter).
Paramere of genitalia with long, dense setae apically, with an acuate angle interolaterally (Fig.
"Moderately drunken, it doth acuate (sharpen) and doth quicken a man's wits, it doth comfort the heart, it doth scour the liver; specially, if it be white wine, it doth rejuice all the powers of man, and doth nourish them; it doth ingender good blood, it doth nourish the brain and all the body."