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a mechanism that puts something into automatic action

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It means, that parameters of transfer function shown in differential equation form (4) recalculating in every point during two-way bellow actuator workout.
During routine inspection, the landing gear actuator was excessively noisy when the landing gear was retracted and extended.
The P700 series actuators are compatible with air, nitrogen, or propane vapour.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-January 16, 2014-SKF receives order from ArcelorMittal Bremen for 30 customised electromechanical actuators
The electrostatic force generated by a parallel electrostatic actuator is therefore highly nonlinear as it is a function of the electrode gap (g).
The deflection of the actuator is due to differential expansion and the moment created due to the eccentricity of the geometry [7-9].
The maximum vibration amplitude of the two driving points on the piezoelectric actuator, both in the X-direction and Y-direction, occurs as the factors A, B, and C are on level 2, level 2, and level 1, respectively.
The commercialized Nafion[R] (DuPont[TM]) film with a thickness of 180 [micro]m was used as an ionic polymer film for the fabrication of an IPMC actuator. Electrodes were formed using electroless plating of platinum on the surface of the Nation[R] film.
The report on world HVAC Damper Actuator market has given Associate in Nursing in-depth study in some new and outstanding business trends, competitive analysis, and detailed regional analysis for the review period of 2019-2025.
Virginia Beach, VA, March 16, 2019 --( Hanbay Inc, the valve automation experts, has announced the release of a new spring return electric valve actuator that is compatible with any manufacturer's ESV (emergency shutoff valve).
IQ actuator dataloggers record detailed operating data including valve torque profiles, the number of valve operations and alarms.
Applied Motion Products introduced a closed-loop linear actuator that offers greater acceleration rates, shorter move times and higher throughput than conventional step motor-based linear actuators, according to the company.
A third design, detailed in Science Robotics and known as a Peano-HASEL actuator, consists of three small rectangular pouches filled with liquid, rigged together in series.
Every message on an actuator module representing a J1939 bus node has a standard identifier indicating message priority, data, and control source.
GEMU has designed this new actuator as a response to increasing requirements in the area of motorized valves, while recognising the current trend in the area of process automation.