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specialiases in the design, development, manufacture and repair and overhaul of landing gear and actuation systems and components for the aerospace market.
When it opens, Boeing Sheffield will produce as many as 8,000 components per month that will be shipped to Boeing Portland, to be assembled into actuation systems.
Compatibility with Variable Valve Actuation -- Eatons HLA design can be engineered to be used in combination with Eaton variable valve actuation technologies.
Last year on a visit to Triumph Group's HQ in Pennsylvania, the First Minister announced that hydraulic actuation systems used in the landing gear for all Airbus A380 and A320 aircraft would be reshored from China and undertaken at the Deeside facility.
Note that [mathematical expression not reproducible] refer to actuation and control voltages, respectively.
This has necessitated development of novel mechanisms which use revolutionary modalities of piezo actuation.
10 January 2011 - Norwegian car parts supplier Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA (OSL: KOA) said today it has won a EUR35m contract to supply a complete clutch actuation system to an unnamed truck maker in North America.
It can modulate the intensity of the diffracted light when an actuation voltage is applied to half of the beams.
Adam Swift, who is sponsored by Goodrich Actuation Systems, was named Apprentice of the Year.
Moog's Industrial Group has devised a new actuation concept that makes its servomotor-driven servo-proportional valves exceed current performances.
Saygrove designs and manufactures proprietary actuation and motor control systems for aerospace and defence applications and more recently have specialised in all-electric solutions.
AUTOMOTIVE consultancy Ricardo has unveiled a research vehicle demonstrating its electromagnetic linear actuation technology.
Goodrich Actuation Systems and GE Aviation, both of Wolverhampton, and Halesowen robotics company Kuka are among the 18 UK firms working on the three-year Next Generation of Composite Wing.
Different tool shanks can be clamped by using the actuation wrench.
Other product benefits include: free-floating external paddle when locked; capability for the addition of power actuation and keyless entry; overriding locking function with internal handle actuation; and prevention of inadvertent lockouts.