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someone versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums)

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Students will have the option to consult with an actuary for questions on their project.
When the actuary system is used, it is necessary to determine the activity field and the advisory field in insurance company.
is the actuary aware of all intended uses of the report?
Description: A candidate for membership as a Fellow must be substantially engaged in a consulting actuarial practice, employed as an actuary of a governmental unit or in work as an Enrolled Actuary or at an insurance company or in teaching actuarial science, and must satisfy any one of three independent criteria.
The task force's job was to get the topic high up on the radar screen and to serve as a launch pad for what now has become the risk management section," says Hubert Mueller, an actuary with Towers Perrin.
According to the IRS, if an actuary is factoring in a discount for conservatism, the discounted assumption is not in compliance with Sec.
Anyone may select the assumptions and methods used to determine the total amount of assets to be transferred (both the minimum amount and any additional amounts on which the parties agree), provided the enrolled actuary certifies that the company has met the legal requirements and any restrictions in the plan document have been honored.
Auditing standards do not require an actuary to be on the engagement team, but because of the complexity of Statement no.
Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield in Rochester, N.
Foster, chief actuary for the Federal Health Care Financing Administration, which runs Medicare for 37 million people who are elderly or disabled.
Underlying the court's analysis was a belief that an actuary must use assumptions that insure that the promised benefits will be available when the participant is scheduled to retire.
Physicians and Actuary Join Team to Expand Offerings in Growing Business
Based in Seattle, Reynolds is a principal and consulting actuary at Milliman Inc.
The goal of the video CD is to raise awareness of the need for the campaign, its goals and why each actuary needs to participate.
11) In a 1986 presentation to enrolled actuaries, IRS Chief Actuary Ira Cohen noted that the majority of plans examined by the Service used investment returns that fell within just such a 4% corridor.