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someone versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums)

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Actuaries are rarely being employed in the non-life insurance sector of Pakistan, when compared with other comparable countries where actuaries have a critical role in management of the company.
Precept 13 does not absolutely require the seller's actuaries to address the error with the buyer's actuaries.
The CMS actuaries now estimate that spending on nursing home care increased 2.
With this competition, we hope to introduce students to the skills actuaries use every day on the job.
In addition, there are so many differences in the way of cooperating of actuaries with each other and accessing to related data and studies to actuary science.
However, it appears as if the nation's actuaries, at least on the property-casualty side, may be having the last laugh.
Actuaries can help the management of a company's self-insurance program in many ways.
Here's an idea that will make your head spin: Actuaries ascending to the top spot of enterprise risk management and taking on the role of chief risk officer.
The contributor, Lawrence Eagle (a partner with the actuary and consulting firm of Bacon & Woodrow), provides an insightful analysis on the historic development of friendly societies, the financial and social functions friendly societies fulfilled, their historical legal and financial changes, and the consulting role actuaries played in their development.
Medicare actuaries have a tradition of independence and a history of providing objective information to federal officials and Congress.
In Vinson & Elkins(23) and Wachtell, Liption, Rosen & Katz,(24) the first two tests at the appeals court level for the IRS's notorious small plan audit cases, the Fifth and Second Circuits affirmed Tax Court decisions that the actuarial assumptions used by the plans' actuaries were reasonable and represented their best estimates of the anticipated experience under the plans.
Assumptions that actuaries have used in the past may no longer be TABULAR DATA OMITTED appropriate for this calculation.
106 may require specialized actuarial expertise, casualty insurance or pension actuaries may not have the necessary qualifications.