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someone versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums)

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Proper consideration of the changing landscape of insured properties, advancements in geographic risk classification, and detailed data on construction practices and materials requires an integrated catastrophe modeling approach to generate the appropriate inputs to calculate actuarially sound rates.
The total required contribution has only two components: normal cost and the amortization of the unfunded actuarially accrued liability.
explaining how courts might use actuarially fair reformation instead of
Using the RNVR, the actuarially fair premium can be calculated as:
Section 4 derives the actuarially fair deposit insurance premium as a function of systemic risk separately for large and small banks.
The Background: Political crosswinds have hampered efforts to bring rates in line with actuarially sound pricing.
This Statement establishes standards for the measurement and financial reporting of actuarially determined information by agent employers with individual-employer OPEB plans that have fewer than 100 total plan members and by the agent multiple-employer OPEB plans in which they participate.
Under an actuarially fair premium, an increase in per capita insurance coverage does not have any influence on the average per capita consumption.
This section requires premiums for the new optional coverage to be risk-based and actuarially sound, so that the program would be required to collect enough premiums to pay claims.
We actuarially smooth our numbers, so we'll be recognizing these astounding gains (about $45,000 for every employee) over three years.
From 2013 a teacher wishing to retire early - that is, before the age of 65 - will have to accept an actuarially reduced pension.
Annual OPEB cost for most employers will be based on actuarially determined amounts that, if paid on an ongoing basis, generally would provide sufficient resources to pay benefits as they come due.
The premiums charged by captives are not market driven (some policyholders suspect that the insurance industry is overcharging current premiums to cover prior years' shortfalls; to recover those losses as quickly as possible), but rather are actuarially driven by analysis of the captive participants' financial situations.
The death benefits offered by many lodges, meanwhile, were financed on the same pay-as-you-go basis as Social Security, rather than on some reserve system, and until circumstances forced a change, many were actuarially unsound.
5 times as much wealth to achieve a given lifetime utility level without access to an actuarially fair nominal annuity market as someone with such a market.