actuarial table

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a table of statistical data

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Railway literature has the tea overtake the actuarial table, dispatching
More specifically, Black lives are compensated at a discount because courts use race-based actuarial tables to calculate how much defendants must pay plaintiffs.
With extreme weather events becoming ever more common, actuarial tables and meteorological models developed over decades of history are less relevant than real-time alerts and forecasts.
He has never articulated a plan of succession, a pressing matter given what the actuarial tables would say about a man who toiled for years as a steelworker in Ukraine, breathing dust and gas near a blast furnace.
They're ready to be trained - whether it's tuning up Toyotas, writing computer code, or reading actuarial tables. We're equipping the self-directed students just fine.
Also important: Lifetime income products, or annuities, offered in company retirement plans are required to use unisex actuarial tables in their pricing.
A new concept is underwriting for behaviors instead of just actuarial tables. Millennials are connected and monitored like never before through social media, apps, and their ubiquitous phones.
Even though Mother was a spry 69, and with actuarial tables saying it would be well more than a decade before her due date, I turned in the piece a few days later.
Such longevity was the key to pricing risk, but he didn't have enough reliable data to convert into statistical analyses that would help him develop the actuarial tables on which to price the risk.
Attention advisors: A mostly unheralded change in actuarial tables suggests the need to plan for longer retirements for your clients and could also make a delay in claiming benefits advantageous for some clients.
The distribution period is determined each year by looking up the retiree's age in the IRS actuarial tables. If the participant's entire interest in the plan or IRA is not distributed by the required beginning date, the participant's entire interest must be distributed over the life of the participant or over the lives of the participant and a designated beneficiary.
Based on actuarial tables, former Niagara Falls Police
With the humidity outside spiraling somewhere between 99 percent and 100 percent, I wilted into a chair expecting a rousing talk about insurance premiums and actuarial tables.
Using complex actuarial tables and adjusting for smoking, waist circumference, dietary quality, exercise habits and other variables, the scientists were next able to isolate the specific effect that the hours of sitting seemed to be having on people's life spans.