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Synonyms for actualize

to make real or actual

Synonyms for actualize

make real or concrete

represent or describe realistically


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It has been argued that the level of individual actualizing contributes to not only the success of the individual, but also to the success of the organization.
This book is useful in actualizing multicultural competence and proficiency.
"Now we're actualizing it," Hendricks said after the two men won the right to marry in Quebec on March 19.
There must follow a life that is committed to living eis pistin, a life dedicated to actualizing the justice of God in and by the trust of Jesus Christ.
Chazan, however, said he was not convinced and that he insisted on actualizing Israel's sovereignty on the Mount.
Other pieces require a big production budget--ambitious DIYers with a dance corps on hand might try actualizing matthew Barney's choreography for a cremasterly chorus line.
Conversely, many women may need support in actualizing an exclusive or primary commitment to career in a society that continues to mandate care for home and family as a sine qua non in women's lives.
Self-determination is such a good, since it can be actualized only by participation in such a rational state--by actualizing personal, moral, and social freedom--and in focusing on actualizing self-determination, Hegelian theory is thus compatible with methodological atomism while rejecting its stronger, contractarian articulation.
People say the purpose in their life was derived from service to others, serving God, building loving families and relationships, and actualizing one's self by being the best one can be.
During this last year, under the leadership of Randy Randolph, MD, and Roger Schenke, ACPE developed the concept of "Leading Beyond the Bottom Line," and the physician executive's role in articulating and actualizing it.
Connor raises the issue of her race ("born of white parents") and social perspective ("entitled") while asserting that "the abomination of slavery and the ongoing implications of racism could be linked to the failure of the imagination of nonblack people who resisted seeing anyone of color like themselves." She argues that slave narratives empower non-blacks to share in the experiences of the "dispossessed," allowing them to imagine grace as they share in the liberation of the enslaved while actualizing their own liberation from prejudice and willed ignorance.
The self actualizing person has also been defined as one "who is eager to undergo new experiences, and learn new ideas and skills" (Heylighen, 42-3).
At the end of the tour, the visitors were shown a 20-minute video that was shockingly bad: The narrator spoke perfect English, but the words of his script sounded like utter nonsense ("We develop highly functional products that can be more conveniently enjoyed in actualizing the future...").
The president said, however, there is little risk of the firm actualizing losses because it has guarantees that its bonds will be redeemed at least for their face values.
At this stage, we could think of this actualizing function as a respondent type process(5) established through a consequential operation (i.e., the subject is repeatedly trained to see A1 and then see and respond towards B1 or C1).