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Synonyms for actualize

to make real or actual

Synonyms for actualize

make real or concrete

represent or describe realistically


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Although it is a principle that actualizes occurrent knowing in that individual human knower, it is not itself actual occurrent knowing.
Comprehensive preparation that embodies the principles of strengths-based practices, coupled with the information sharing stage as devised in New Zealand where the professional presents case information to the family, followed by an opportunity for any participant to ask questions, may better actualize the key FGC principles defined by Pennell (1999).
In effect, all of these strategies would actualize the community's investment in FGC and help actualize participatory democracy.
Instead, Mermaids' form gently actualizes Polly's growing self-awareness to produce a statement that celebrates personal validation over the more tempting public accolades.
Myers, in his exploration of the "legacy" and "tradition" of black manhood, actualizes Bhabha's theorization of masculinity itself.
Myers's dual protagonists in Somewhere in the Darkness actualize the meditations on the dilemmas of black manhood.
For example, if a subject is trained in A-B relations, and then A-C relations in separate blocks, with no review of previous training within training blocks, it may be the case that the A-C relation is strongest towards the end of the training (e.g., A1 more often actualizes the perceptual and selection functions of C1 than it does for B1).
When the subject looks at B1 as sample on the equivalence test, this immediately actualizes a perceptual and selection response for A1.
To be scrupulous, we should note that this exhibition--comprising fifty sculptures and installations spanning the period 1971 to the present (including twelve new pieces), plus well over three hours of film and video footage, plus two new sculptural events--was billed as a "comprehensive overview" rather than a "retrospective." Labeling aside, though, one might extrapolate from Good's essay to suggest that Signer's exceptionally consistent, focused oeuvre itself needs to be comprehended as a complex continuity--a single vast, cumulative work that challenges the concept of clock or calendar time and actualizes experience of temporality as quality, in a similar spirit to its parts.
Now, at any world at which God exists, he can actualize a world--Wp, O'Connor calls it--in which the purposes envisioned by OT are fulfilled just as well as they are in the actual world and whose natural laws and history are just like those in the actual world, with the exception that God intervenes systematically to prevent prehistoric NERNP.(3) It seems that no good would have been lost if he had created Wp instead of the actual world (hence no good articulated by OT), and so it seems that prehistoric NERNP constitutes a massive amount of NERNP that is necessarily gratuitous.
Plantinga would claim that there is a possible world such that, prior to creation, it was not within God's power to actualize any world that was on balance morally better than Ws--a world just like the actual world except that what looks like NERNP is, unbenownst to us, really "broadly moral evil," evil wrought by powerful, nonhuman, free agents, Satan and his minions, say--and so, extending the divine purposes expressed by OT to these creatures, God weakly actualized Ws.