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Synonyms for actualize

to make real or actual

Synonyms for actualize

make real or concrete

represent or describe realistically


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Although it is a principle that actualizes occurrent knowing in that individual human knower, it is not itself actual occurrent knowing.
Comprehensive preparation that embodies the principles of strengths-based practices, coupled with the information sharing stage as devised in New Zealand where the professional presents case information to the family, followed by an opportunity for any participant to ask questions, may better actualize the key FGC principles defined by Pennell (1999).
In effect, all of these strategies would actualize the community's investment in FGC and help actualize participatory democracy.
Myers's dual protagonists in Somewhere in the Darkness actualize the meditations on the dilemmas of black manhood.
A1 more often actualizes the perceptual and selection functions of C1 than it does for B1).
The instrument actualizes the technology's efficient and reproducible high-resolution chemical analysis.
Labeling aside, though, one might extrapolate from Good's essay to suggest that Signer's exceptionally consistent, focused oeuvre itself needs to be comprehended as a complex continuity--a single vast, cumulative work that challenges the concept of clock or calendar time and actualizes experience of temporality as quality, in a similar spirit to its parts.
Since God justifiably aims to create a world that is on balance as morally good as any world he can create, and in light of the above facts there is no world he can create that is on balance morally better than Ws, God strongly actualizes Ts of Ws, creating Satan, his cohorts, and the rest of us.
amp;uot;It puts the whole audience in a producer's chair and actualizes the capabilities of broadband today, creating a truly immersive experience.
In the projected environment of Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage), 2001, which might, at first, seem to stand apart, Bruce Nauman both portrays and actualizes real space through a deadpan, disembodied surveillance-tape meditation on anticipation, absence, and elapsed time--ultimately, on death.
Krall continued, "The ScanMaster module fully actualizes the efficiency, convenience and safety of the Fillmaster 1000e dispenser.
DSS Broadcaster, which is based on MicroStrategy's powerful ROLAP engine, actualizes that vision with a combination of scalability and analytical capacity.
ADDRESSRIGHT(TM) Printer family, the W650 actualizes Pitney