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  • verb

Synonyms for actualize

to make real or actual

Synonyms for actualize

make real or concrete

represent or describe realistically


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For new Government attention, mere transfer and posting will never serve the purpose of public service until bureaucratic behavioral revamping is actualized
Ultimately, the ubuntu ideal was "barely actualized" in the relationships between church members and refugees; rather, it was hampered by internal and external structures (353).
One month ahead of elections, the name is-sue is actualized again.
[1] This emergence is exemplified by Deleuze's description of the way in which the virtual--that realm of Ideas and pure differences--becomes actualized into realizable and manifest beings.
Maslow called it self-actualization, of course, yet paradoxically, he began to recognize that peak experiences often led the self-actualizing individual to transcend the personal concerns of the very self that was being actualized. Thus, we clarify the distinction between self-actualization and self-transcendence.
Where: ATV--represents actualized total gross value
From this sociologic approach, the physician loss of status is the etiology of the physician demoralization problem, and ultimately, will prevent the higher levels of functioning necessary to be "actualized."
Ibn Sina's concept of soul rests on his dualist account in which souls can achieve different grades depending on the degree to which its potential has been actualized.
The Spiritual Practices Of The Ninja: Mastering The Four Gates Of Freedom by therapist and workshop leader Ross Heaven leads the reader on a journey to the spiritual philosophy of the Ninja, and its core tenet that there is no higher power than the actualized human being.
He revealed that pilots told him they were instructed to arm their planes with such bombs, but the attacks never actualized. He added that it was he, himself, who persuaded Hussein that the air force was not capable of carrying out such attacks, citing the logistical difficulties due to the high-level of operation of the Israel Air Force.
Our equality under the law, although it was written into the Constitution in the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Amendments, it did not become actualized until Brown.
It is not a simple question here of picturing stories but of how each painting enacts the moment of entry as a literary or mental image is actualized in the precise speeds and temperatures of paint.
The question is pivotal to any assessment of Jesus of Nazareth and of Jesus' ongoing significance, because Jesus undertook "to so announce and embody the imminent coming of God's kingdom that those who believed him would already change their lives to reflect the character of God's reign actualized" (p.
That they see these institutions as products of their own activity means that they understand themselves as essential to the social reproduction of these institutions, and thus these institutions are the vehicles through which their own ends are actualized. Since our self-conceptions are so fundamentally constituted by participation in these social institutions (and since we self-consciously understand ourselves as sustaining them), these institutions count as aspects of self-determination, since the activities carried out in terms of them are "determined in accord with their understanding of their own practical identities" and in which "individuals realize their particular self-conceptions and constitute themselves as beings of value" (109).
The suggested procedure for the choice stage depends on the number of suitable alternatives and the degree of uncertainty about whether the most suitable one can be actualized.