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Synonyms for actuality

Synonyms for actuality

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

something having real, demonstrable existence

the quality of being actual or factual

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The footage that follows reproduces actuality 1o (refer to Table 1) from Insight (SBS, 2012), with the selection allowing the individuals to explain the nature of their polyamorous relationship through the camera.
Actuality for Counterpart Theorists, JEFFREY SANFORD RUSSELL
Actuality Media director Mik Barton said: "Ahold companies like Albert Heijn are household names in other European countries - roughly equivalent to our Boots or Waitrose - so this is an important slice of business for us.
Learn much more about how Actuality Systems remarkable technology will soon be used to treat breast and prostate cancer, among many other applications, by downloading the podcast of Digital Imaging Digest Editor Jennifer Kruger's interview with Michael Goldstein, available now on the DIMAcast.
This is not impossible for the intellect, but the [truly] impossible [proposition] is the existence of an infinite time with two limited ends, or the existence of infinity in a time that has an end in actuality.
In actuality, our Milestone Decision Authority required appropriate levels of developmental and operational testing prior to giving his approval for procurement and fielding.
Never before has a United States president consistently adhered to beliefs so disconnected from actuality.
In actuality, one of the youths had hit Smith in the head with a crowbar that he had brought to the scene.
The former I'll try to describe later, but the latter is what we call the "interest-heated" conscious-Unconscious brings to reality as we perceive it, and our perception of actual actuality is through what he calls a "slit" in the conscious-Unconscious field of awareness.
In actuality, he is treating her like a whore, which finally she has to face--she finds comfort in reading about Josie's experience when she is told to check in the back of Forever.
ACTUALITY can take the opening Betdirect Freephone 0800 211 222 Handicap (Div 1) at Lingfield for trainer Marcus Tregoning today (12.
The interplay of diverse but connected works set off a series of ricocheting slippages, not only between art and commercial illustration but between fiction and actuality, pictorial and architectural space, erotics and intellect, history and lived experience.
In actuality, the third annual Community Picnic and Celebration, held this year at the renovated Sunland Park, was more about the community having the opportunity to thank Greuel.
Readers who are animal lovers and who dream of working with animals often stop at the idea of being a vet: in actuality, there's so much more available, as Careers With Animals: Exploring Occupations Involving Dogs, Horses, Cats, Birds, Wildlife And Exotics demonstrates.
In actuality, it's often difficult for presidents to find those who can relate at all to the all-encompassing and high stakes nature of their work, much less offer meaningful insight and tutelage.