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Synonyms for actuality

Synonyms for actuality

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

something having real, demonstrable existence

the quality of being actual or factual

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Michael Fara and Timothy Williamson argue that David Lewis's counterpart theory is unable to account for modal claims that use an actuality operator.
Actuality will be supporting the creation of an online media centre, as well as supplying copy for online investor relations.
With the WL its foundations find their actuality contained within its performative nature, since for Fichte consciousness can be nothing but self-positing.
In the case of connected bodies it would require the existence of a body that is infinite in actuality, and, in the case of the disconnected bodies, the existence of a number infinite in actuality and to which more cannot be added.
While some may joke that an RDC designation acts as a "get-out-of-jail-free card," in actuality RDC is more of an "acquisition permission slip" that assists the RDC manager in expediting decisions within the requirements, planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE), and acquisition management communities.
In this flagrant disconnect between words and actuality were the early indications of a profoundly ideological mindset.
In actuality, it was sanctioned escape to the woods.
And they all know that taking steps to prevent a possible friendship from becoming an actuality is malicious, so it will not be too hard for the majority of them to see that taking steps to prevent a possible baby from becoming an actuality is just as bad, if not worse.
In actuality, one of the youths had hit Smith in the head with a crowbar that he had brought to the scene.
The former I'll try to describe later, but the latter is what we call the "interest-heated" conscious-Unconscious brings to reality as we perceive it, and our perception of actual actuality is through what he calls a "slit" in the conscious-Unconscious field of awareness.
While THE BIG BOOK OF BOY STUFF is intended for ages 8-14, in actuality it will appeal to many an adult and is featured here for its survival recommendations for harried parents.
In actuality, he is treating her like a whore, which finally she has to face--she finds comfort in reading about Josie's experience when she is told to check in the back of Forever.
ACTUALITY can take the opening Betdirect Freephone 0800 211 222 Handicap (Div 1) at Lingfield for trainer Marcus Tregoning today (12.
The interplay of diverse but connected works set off a series of ricocheting slippages, not only between art and commercial illustration but between fiction and actuality, pictorial and architectural space, erotics and intellect, history and lived experience.