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Synonyms for actuality

Synonyms for actuality

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

something having real, demonstrable existence

the quality of being actual or factual

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(27) This static conception of energeiai, 'actualities,' is meant to do what the opseis of the geometers do.
When Philoponus talks of the actualities as present in the air so as not to affect it, he insists that this must be so if many different colors, and opposite ones at that, are to be visible throughout the same medium simultaneously.
For Philoponus, both light and color are thought to be present through the medium as incorporeal actualities, and yet to have localized effects.
Study 2 also examined some of the students' initial impressions of the actualities of secondary school life.
In addition to using reports posted by other farm broadcasters, NAFB members often broadcast information or actualities submitted by agencies and associations when these stories fall within certain parameters.
A few sentences written in broadcast style with good actualities are useful.
Xu Gan was not so much interested in words and objects as he was in explaining the breakdown of order at the end of the Han: the employment of false names resulted in a disparity with the corresponding actualities. The consequence of this disparity was social breakdown.
To get an initial sense of how important Aristotle's notion of a limit is for our study, let us return to a passage we have already mentioned: the last section of Metaphysics 9.6, in which Aristotle distinguishes actualities from motions.
It is, rather, an incomplete actuality corresponding to the potentialities and complete actualities found in the most basic of these categories.
Enlightening the reader of actualities that reveal both the truths and misconceptions on the part of many Europeans and North Americans, Understanding Arabs presents an accurate and overall understanding of what Arab and Muslim life really is like for millions of men and women.
(33) Using the example of our capacity for knowledge, he points out that both habitual knowledge and active reflection are actualities corresponding to this capacity.
For the most part, the accidents he mentions are not even good as secondary actualities of substances, but rather as means to their successful activity.
As an intellectual study with the premise of collective social views and ideals, Civic Education And Culture is a compendium of informative and constructive documentation drawn from numerous well known authors, recognized scholars and accomplished philosophers regarding the observations made within the strictures of a modern society's actualities and truths as opposed to its ideals and desires.
Domains are dominated by an "ultimate" which not only provides the domain with its defining character but also dominates the "actualities" therein, making them the kind proper to that field.
We are both persons with private thoughts and organic bodies; are we two actualities? According to Weiss, we exist as actualities in these two domains (as well as in the humanized world) but we are more fundamentally "individuals." Individuals, like "complexes" and "singulars," are subdivisions of another encompassing region named the "Habitat." The Habitat is where two ultimates, the "Rational" and the "Dunamis," dominate over the others.