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Synonyms for actualisation

making real or giving the appearance of reality

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De surcroit, cette actualisation de l'indemnisation constitue un ''signe fort de protection de l'epargnant dans un systeme bancaire sain et rentable'', soutient la meme source.
An ethic that begins with the environment and sees anthropocentric ethics as only one part of the larger ethical framework, because it includes more diverse creative actualisations, i.e., it is more universal in the relevant sense, if it is actualised, constitutes ethical progress over humanism.
Depuis, l'Iran a augmente son stock et les grandes puissances travaillent aujourd'hui sur une "actualisation" de leur offre, selon Paris.
The actualisation of this relative existent then, depends upon the actualisation of the other.
The report, which appears in a July issue of The Lancet, is based upon data from the first-of-its-kind Monitoring and Actualisation of Noetic Trainings (MANTRA) II study.
The Psalm is discussed in depth in parts 3 and 4 ("Le Psaume LXXVII (78) condense des notions fondamentales paracelsiennes" and "Actualisation du Psaume LXXVII").
About 125 members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) were yesterday arrested while many others sustained an injury during a rally to mark the 19th-anniversary celebration of the organisation in Anambra.
Concernant les objectifs de cette actualisation du niveau de la garantie, il sae1/4aoagit dae1/4aoinstaurer et de conforter la relation de confiance du dUu[c]posant vis-Uu-vis du secteur bancaire et dae1/4aoinsuffler une dynamique Uu lae1/4aoinclusion financiUuA reae1/4aoae1/4ao, dUu[c]taillent-ils.
ACTIVITIES marking this year's 18th-year-anniversary celebration of new Biafra yesterday turned bloody in Onitsha, Anambra state as members of the Biafra Independence Movement/Movement for Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra, BIM/MASSOB accused the joint military task force operating in the state of killing about five of its members.