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Synonyms for actualisation

making real or giving the appearance of reality

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Apart from MASSOB, other groups in attendance included the Eastern Peoples Congress, Biafra United Liberation Council , Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra, Igbo Hebrew Cultural Restoration, and Biafra Actualisation and Defence Squad.
Cette actualisation repose sur les estimations du revenu national brut (RNB) par habitant pour l'annee precedente.
Il s'agit d'une actualisation mecanique, car les centrifugeuses continuent a tourner.
Development has focused on the levels--mostly dividing Maslow's by, for example, splitting Esteem into 'recognition' and 'self-esteem' or separating 'cognitive' and 'aesthetic' levels from Self Actualisation.
The actualisation of this relative existent then, depends upon the actualisation of the other.