actual sin

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a sin committed of your own free will (as contrasted with original sin)

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At first glance the distinction between possible and actual sin recalls a familiar argument: the possibility of sin is 'happy' insofar as it belongs to genuine freedom, which God gave humanity to make genuinely good actions possible.
Chapter 3 moves from fragility to the more intense condition of fallibility, in which possibility is heightened by already actual sin.
If the Augustinian view of predestination was right, his critics argued, it would follow from the invitation of Christ to all those who labour and are heavy-laden, that not all are heavy-laden with original or actual sin and that therefore Romans 5:12 .
Therefore, with the help of the differentiated-consensus method, the Roman Catholic Church can help interpret the simul in the manner that the justified is a sinner by virtue of the actual sins committed after baptism.
treats the claim that Christ was free from original sin, actual sin, and inclination to sin, but he neglects to note that Christ was also incapable of sinning (157-65 and 301-25).
If a defect of "the Heart" accounts for "the original wrong" Hawthorne seems to have no capacity to imagine actual sin, the guilt of it, and the hope of forgiveness.
Even in his last hours he convicts himself not of actual sin but of sharing the universal sinfulness of mankind.
One is that Hawthorne was fully capable of imagining actual sin but, in presenting Hester and Dimmesdale, chose not to.
He would, therefore, have been prone to the effects of Original Sin, including the temptations to commit actual sin.
Mary was free from both original sin and "was also preserved from all actual sin.
Original and actual sins, election, and implied rejection by God and Augustine's vivid depiction of hell at the end of the City of God (1984) cast a long dark shadow over the recovery model.
In the case of infants, it removes original sin, since they have no actual sins.
Thank God he sent his Son to be the sacrifice for our original sin and our actual sins.