actual eviction

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the physical ouster of a tenant from the leased premises

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I didn't go to an actual eviction. I felt like that would be disrespectful.
But this time, not only has the detailed political indictment against Jang been published, but his actual eviction from a party meeting was broadcast on North Korean television.
The actual eviction process is, normally, a civil law matter.
Police and Border Guard forces, headed by Deputy Police Commander Gabi Orgil, will be responsible for the actual eviction, while army forces will defend them.
No advance required legal notification was given and when the actual eviction goes ahead, this man will be homeless.
Meanwhile, the cheapest alternative for the state would be to continue the so-called "Jiggetts system," set up in response to the initial lawsuit, in which only those facing actual eviction receive additional rent funds, which are paid directly to property owners.