actual eviction

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the physical ouster of a tenant from the leased premises

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No advance required legal notification was given and when the actual eviction goes ahead, this man will be homeless.
Meanwhile, the cheapest alternative for the state would be to continue the so-called "Jiggetts system," set up in response to the initial lawsuit, in which only those facing actual eviction receive additional rent funds, which are paid directly to property owners.
Among the defenses are, "(A) actual eviction, or (B) actual partial eviction, or (C) constructive eviction; and respondent has quit the premises, .
Following negotiations, the parties settled the action via a stipulation whereby the tenant conceded her non-primary resident status; permitting the owner to obtain a judgment of possession and an order of ejectment, but staying the actual eviction.
In the current Housing Court climate, the court would probably order the tenant to allow access rather than make an actual eviction, noted Margulies.