actual damages

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(law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated

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For the defendant's violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, plaintiff was again unable to establish actual damages, and the magistrate judge found that no further punitive damages were appropriate; however, he also found that plaintiff did establish that defendant's fraudulent promise to provide the warranty caused plaintiff to lose his job, resulting in actual damage of $47,622.67 (comprised of the processing fee and lost wages).
The legislature amended [section]501.211(2), which, prior to 2001, allowed recovery of "actual" damages to consumers only, by replacing references to a "consumer" with the term "person." (5) At least on its face, the amended subsection contemplated the possibility of a business competitor's recovery of its "actual damages" in a FDUTPA suit.
Second, the court continued, an insured who establishes a right to receive benefits under the insurance policy can recover those benefits as actual damages under the Insurance Code if the insurer's statutory violation causes the loss of the benefits.
A seller who violates the TCCWNA is liable "for a civil penalty of not less than $100.00 or for actual damages, or both at the election of the consumer, together with reasonable attorney's fees and court costs." N.J.S.A.
Photographs are provided throughout, showing the actual damages, along with intact resources like emergency generators.
The jury awarded the residents $532,500 in actual damages and $1.8 million in punitive damages, the newspaper reported.
He wants more than 1.5 billion dollars in actual damages and more than 1 billion dollars in punitives.
A jury awarded the farmers almost $6 million in actual damages and $42 million in punitive damages, despite a finding that there was no intentionally harmful conduct on the part of the supplier of the seeds.
Currently, homeowners can recover up to three times the cost of actual damages if TWIA officials knowingly do wrong.
This suggests the Japanese company is paying less than a third of its potential liability in respect of the actual damages - that is the cost of the clear-up, capping the leak and paying out to local businesses affected.
sum of--(A) actual damages sustained by the individual as a result
The latest volley comes from the parties who are most affected by the service interruptions.0x20 Bloomberg's Phil Milford ( is reporting that three customers have filed a class action suit seeking $450 million in actual damages for the service interruption.0x20 In addition the plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages.
Plaintiffs will need to spend significantly more time and money on their lawsuits in order to provide evidence of their actual damages. And the amount of their damage awards may be much smaller going forward.
recognition that actual damages were approximately $50.
HCP said Ventas had in the lawsuit sought $300 million of actual damages as well as punitive damages, but that the federal court dismissed the latter claim.