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Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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Yet in BALDY BANE both the self-conscious plasticity of the ballad meter, together with the actorish self-consciousness of the speaker, seem rather to restrict the kind of expressive gesture, or the vibration between gesture and framework, to which Graham aspires.
"actorish" zeal signal unreality and unreliability that would,
There is no 'actorish' pretension in her but the voice and the gestures have got so familiar down the years that when she relates the story of her Lincoln winner, Smokey Oakey, there is a strange feeling that you are actually watching something on the screen or stage.
Player has no equivalent of actorish. In the choice of title here, players is cheerfully self-deprecating.
I was less convinced by Orlando Bloom who, like Brad, seems a little overawed with the rather formal and stilted actorish dialogue.
That should have been the end of the story but a combination of the headline hungry press and his flamboyant, actorish manner meant that the small fact that he had not actually flown the distance was soon overlooked.
Janney and Jenkins inject a human, smart sensibility, while Efron is an annoyance, and Magaro tends to be actorish.
He says he enjoys drama and comedy equally: "I know this sounds a bit actorish, but for me it is the character that I am playing which is important.
But somehow his affectedly actorish manner always grated on me.
Sole holdover from the production's original incarnation at London's Menier Chocolate Factory and then in the West End, Hanson too often breaks into actorish talk-singing in what seems another odd directorial whim.