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Synonyms for actor



Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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That should have been the end of the story but a combination of the headline hungry press and his flamboyant, actorish manner meant that the small fact that he had not actually flown the distance was soon overlooked.
He says he enjoys drama and comedy equally: "I know this sounds a bit actorish, but for me it is the character that I am playing which is important.
But somehow his affectedly actorish manner always grated on me.
At 68 she threw herself into Ken Ludwig's highly actorish farce, Over The Moon, with gusto and infectious enthusiasm.
With his posh actorish voice and prodigious talent to amuse, this working-class Londoner-made-good was one of the most in-demand stars of the '90s.