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a business agent for an actor

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The actor's agent further shared that the HBO executives and "Dracula Untold" director Gary Shore sent him messages of sympathy over J.
They are very happy and they will be stepping out tomorrow night, " said the actor's agent Christian Hodell.
The actor's agent Joe Rice is also mad about cars and he lets the cameras have a glimpse of his collection including an immaculate fawn-tan Corvette and a 67 Stingray.
Instead the actor's agent suggested a fee of $350 (about pounds 218) should be paid.
The actor's agent, Celia Chassels of Gary Goddard & Associates, Ltd.
Last night, the actor's agent Philip Adler said: "Jonathon is treating this in a very low-key way.
The actor's agent told the BBC that he died of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that involves swelling of the blood vessels.
In a statement, the actor's agent said: "Bob Hoskins wishes to announce that he will be retiring from acting, following his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease last autumn.
Malcolm Browning, the actor's agent, said: ``He felt a bit ill before the game and fainted.
Mr Nyland, who worked alongside Mr Tomlinson for eight years, had been accused of falsely claiming he was still the actor's agent when he secured an advertising contract for him.
The actor's agent, Sharon Thomas, said no date had been set for the funeral but public memorial services would be held for him in London and Dublin.
They are very happy and they will be stepping out tomorrow night, " said the Cardiff-born actor's agent, Christian Hodell.
The 39-year-old actor's agent, Aude Powell, said everything was "going well", but he was moved from Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, to a hospital in the capital because his children had to return to school.
A string of directors have already been in touch with the 33-year-old actor's agent after he scooped a prestigious Tony Award on Sunday night.