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a protein complex in muscle fibers

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Importantly, it is necessary to ex tract major proteins (actomyosin) and adjust the unified protein concentration, pH and other external factors to compare the molecular functionality and enable an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence the functional characteristics of PSE-like meat.
[1.] Mac Donald GA, Lanier TC (1994) Actomyosin stabilization to freeze-thaw and heat denaturation by lactate salts.
In this pathway, the caspase-3 enzyme is activated and its direct activity cleaves actomyosin molecules in fragments of 14kD (kiloDalton) (11,24).
CK-MM is located at the surface of myosin filaments near actomyosin ATPase and is involved in the provision of the energy for the working myosin heads, supplying them with newly synthesized ATP in the course of muscle contraction (6).
This molecule promotes actomyosin contraction in the trailing edge of DCs by binding plexin A1 on DCs and may induce the disassembly of adhesive components at the trailing edge as well, thus promoting DC transmigration.
Alpha [[alpha]]-Myosin: A protein of the myofibril (elongated contractile thread in striated muscle cells); with actin, forms actomyosin, responsible for the contractile properties of muscle.
Third component participating in the super-precipitation of 'natural actomyosin.' Nature 1963; 200:1010.
Waterman-Storer, "Spatiotemporal feedback between actomyosin and focal-adhesion systems optimizes rapid cell migration," Cell, vol.
Fasudil was approved in 1995 in Japan, where it is used to suppress cerebral vasospasm by inhibition of actomyosin contraction [9].
Increase in barrier permeability after [A.sub.2A] receptor agonist treatment was linked to changes in cell cytoskeleton structure, measured as decreased transendothelial cell electrical resistance (TEER) and actomyosin stress fiber formation, as well as decreased expression of tight junctions molecules, most strongly occludin [48].
Some other research revealed that MYL12A and MYL12B are crucial for maintenance of the stability of MYH9, MYH10, and MYL6, which leads to normal cell actomyosin function [9].
Recent studies have shown that ZO-1 and JAMA form a cooperative unit that stimulates junctional actomyosin activation and thereby regulates endothelial barrier formation [3].
In mouse embryonic fibroblasts, doxorubicin impairs the formation of contractile actomyosin bundles, that is, stress fibers, but induces the formation of cortical actomyosin rings [19, 20].