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Synonyms for limitation

Synonyms for limitation

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

the greatest amount or number allowed

Synonyms for limitation

a principle that limits the extent of something

the quality of being limited or restricted

Related Words

the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed

(law) a time period after which suits cannot be brought

an act of limiting or restricting (as by regulation)

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Implications from this study include the importance of continuing to address activity limitations to achieve function and mobility.
The correlation matrix of the relationship between pain intensity, static and dynamic back muscles endurance and activity limitation in patients with non-specific long-term low-back pain is presented in table 2.
TABLE 8 Marginal Effects of Racial Status on Utilization (Compared to Whites in the Same Health Category): Partitioned by Activity Limitations No Activity Limitation Activity Limitation Physician visits Black -0.
24) Kruse and Schur developed 14 disability measures based on activity limitation, receipt of disability income, and ability to work.
Previous reports have documented marked differences in the prevalence rates of arthritis and related activity limitations by race and ethnicity, suggesting the relative importance of arthritis may vary among these groups.
The results of the t-tests suggest that premium levels vary significantly by the availability of health plans choice, gender, health status, activity limitation, and employers' share of premiums.
Using data from the Participation and Activity Limitation Survey of 2001, which covered about 35,000 persons aged 15 and over with disabilities, CCSD staff Gail Fawcett, Coryse Ciceri, Spyridoula Tsoukalas and Angela Gibson-Kierstead, crafted a report that not only highlights the type of devices and supports needed by children, teens, and adults, including seniors, but also posits the reasons why those needs are either met or unmet.
All patients were discharged on the day of surgery with an antibiotic, an analgesic, and standard instructions for diet and activity limitation.
19) Activity limitation is a powerful measure of disability because it is easily reported by primary caregivers and proxy persons alike, and presents a clear understanding of difficulty in everyday situations.
Respondents are asked during the field interviews to cite the primary "cause" of any identified activity limitation.
7 million) has an activity limitation, and of these 12 million are unable to perform a major activity whether it be work, school, or play depending on age.
Measuring an activity limitation health outcome is much more challenging than measuring survival.
Little information is available on stroke survivor functioning in SA, particularly at the level of activity limitation (difficulties in task execution) and participation restriction (problems experienced in involvement in life situations).
Anterior knee pain is a very prevalent condition (Bacquie & Brukner 1997) and results in significant symptoms and activity limitation.