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Synonyms for limitation

Synonyms for limitation

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

the greatest amount or number allowed

Synonyms for limitation

a principle that limits the extent of something

the quality of being limited or restricted

Related Words

the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed

(law) a time period after which suits cannot be brought

an act of limiting or restricting (as by regulation)

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The dependent variable, known as the activity limitation index (ALI), was established through the item response theory (IRT) used in this study and was composed of four dimensions: (i) basic activities of daily living (ADL); (ii) instrumental activities of daily living (IADL); (iii) mobility; and (iv) depression profile.
The researchers found that people working in the arts, design, entertainment, sports and media were most likely to report the highest adjusted prevalence of frequent physical distress, frequent mental distress, frequent activity limitation and frequent overall unhealthy days.
However, quality of life for asthmatic children also significantly improved after TCC exercise, as assessed by the PAQLQ scores in each domain, namely, asthmatic symptoms, activity limitation, and emotional function.
The FFI-RS questionnaire consists of 34 questions grouped into 5 subcategories: pain (7 questions), stiffness (7 questions), difficulty (11 questions), activity limitation (3 questions), and social issues (6 questions).
Activity was assessed with the Screening Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness scale.
There were no significant differences in other range of motion parameters, disease activity, activity limitation, or perceived health.
Alignment for the management issues of activity limitations varied between acute and rehabilitation settings.
The CDC put Medicare enrollee ADL data in the 2012 health almanac, but they also included data based on a broader question about "complex activity limitations." The definition of complex activity limitations includes ADLs and also includes restrictions in an individual's ability to work, maintain a household or participate in a community activities.
Johnson had an activity limitation or a participation restriction in the context of air travel.
Other factors that increased the chances of forgoing care were having a child with an ongoing activity limitation, and a parent who has intermittent insurance.
The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between pain intensity, activity limitation, static and dynamic back muscles endurance in patients with non-specific long-term LBP.
The number of physically and mentally unhealthy days, and activity limitation days was found to be higher in the CLBP patients than the healthy controls (pless than0.05).
The third health status variable used to partition the sample is an indicator of whether the individual has an "activity limitation." MEPS interviewers administer a series of questions to determine whether respondents require assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) or activities of daily living (ADL).
Anterior knee pain is a very prevalent condition (Bacquie & Brukner 1997) and results in significant symptoms and activity limitation. The nature of the questions in the AKPS may lead patients to focus on symptoms (including pain) rather than on activity limitation; whereas treatment interventions, especially in chronic cases, may be focussed on improving function and participation.