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Synonyms for activity

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Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

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Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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What are the policies that affect our opportunities for physical activity and have allowed the growth of the physical inactivity industry?
Reports required of MSBs usually fall into two categories: currency transaction reports and suspicious activity reports.
District 6--Atlanta: Above average retail sales set the tone for robust economic activity. Retailers exceeded expectations and apparel and seasonal merchandise were strong sellers, although auto sales were less stable.
The Notice suggests that standards similar to those used in determining whether an expenditure is for a capital improvement or instead is for a routine repair (including the plan of rehabilitation doctrine) will be considered in determining whether an activity is a "substantial improvement." (32) This obviously creates a tension between a customer seeking to classify an activity as a deductible repair for purposes of section 162 and a construction contractor seeking to classify the same activity as a substantial improvement to that property for purposes of section 199.
The IRS had improperly disallowed the ranching losses as passive activity losses, and the trust was entitled to a refund or the overpaid taxes with interest.
If the mental framework out of which a human activity follows is the 'epistemic ground' of that activity, then from the activity we may proceed toward the mental framework, which must be the epistemology of science we are looking for.
After reviewing the answers, a certificate for the appropriate number of Category I Contact Hours will be sent to participants who successfully complete the activity. Answers needing further work for approval will be returned to the participants with specific suggestions for completion.
Physical activity inside a pool with a water temperature of 86[degrees] F may help to alleviate arthritic pains.
Let's say there's one activity, walking, you do most consistently.
Strengthen all of the major muscle complexes with the exercises designed for the activity using a full range of motion, basic safety procedures, and the correct overload principle.
Adults young and old can help put an end to a major public health enemy: lack of physical activity. The crime: adding to disease and disability.
For example, in a study of the impact of electronic control devices on the activity patterns of individuals with SCI, Efthimiou, Gordon, Sell, and Stratford (1981) found that the use of electronic control units was associated with increased frequency of participation in educational activities, increased independence, and decreased inactivity.
When providing adventure-based activities, it is critical that the sequence of activities be carefully planned so that specific intended therapeutic objectives from each activity are realized.
After the War, Women's Club meetings declined from weekly to biweekly, as attendance waned.(30) The general level of civic activity was lower in Antioch than in the other two towns.
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