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Synonyms for activity

Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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469 for a tax year exceeds the taxpayer's regular tax liability allocable to all passive activities for the year.
Internal trade activities composed 36.1% of the value added,
When Introducing Unique Materials, Provide Unstructured Time When students use new manipulative items such as a magnet or compass, it is difficult to focus immediately on structured activities when they are distracted by the experience.
To illustrate, consider a notional example in which the architecture team is modeling the operational activities of an Air Force special operations organization.
Increasing age, being male and the perception of having experienced puberty early also were positively associated with the number of precoital sexual activities among blacks.
These studies have shown that families who participate in both core and balance leisure activities together have improved family functioning.
For the field experience that is discussed in this paper, the teacher and university professor proposed designing activities around the theme of "Talking Walls".
Felson, "Linking Criminal Choices, Routine Activities, Informal Control, and Criminal Outcomes," in The Reasoning Criminal: Rational Choice Perspectives on Offending, eds.
(6) These patterns can be exhibited through large-muscle movement activities such as marching, walking, swinging arms, running, clapping and tapping.
New section 199 of the Internal Revenue Code (2) provides a large segment of American business with a significant tax deduction for domestic production activities. Although aimed principally at manufacturers, the new deduction will benefit a relatively wide range of businesses and may well generate years of controversy regarding the meaning of "production" activities as well as the items of revenue and expense allocable to such activities.
Non-passive status is an especially important application for rental activities generating losses.
Insurance Sales Activities and Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance.
Career development activities by professional school counselors at the elementary, middle, and high school levels can help students with mental retardation make meaningful career choices as adults.
They prefer to pack in all the sports, clubs, and other extra activities they can.
At the times in question the Carter Trust employed a full-time ranch manager and other employees who performed essentially all the ranch's activities. Fortson also devoted a substantial amount of time and attention to ranch activities.
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