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Synonyms for activist

Synonyms for activist

advocating or engaged in activism


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Every activist should be holder of one or more animals and he would be taken from almost each village in the district.
S&P Global Market Intelligence examined return on invested capital as a broad benchmark of corporate operating efficiency for companies in the S&P 1500 equity index, activist ownership, stock buyback and capital markets activity, and overall stock market returns over one- and five-year time horizons.
The focus of activist activity continues to be in the US, with a 289% increase in activist actions in 2015 compared with 2010.
The most significant rise in activist activity, however, has come from the class of investment managers concerned with shareholder value creation.
QWhat A There are a hardcore of around 20 activists on Merseyside although they have the ability to mobilise more.
The panel, "Rules for Dealing with Activist Shareholders," featured Tiffany Fobes Campion from Latham & Watkins; Phillip Goldberg, partner, Foley & Lardner; and David Rawlinson II, vice president, deputy general counsel and corporate secretary, W.
The court said the verdict's suspension was conditioned by an EGP 5,000 bail for each defendant, activist Nazly Hussein, who has closely followed many such cases, explained on her Twitter account.
To recall, activist Argishti Kiviryan, which started an active battle of words with Valeri Osipyan, was subjected to detention in
Dubai, July 23 ( ANI ): Almost 50 Gulf-based rights groups and activists have condemned six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) over mistreatment of women activists in most of their states.
Opposition activists said security forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad killed more than 40 people in a small town outside Damascus on Wednesday, calling it a massacre.
AMMAN, Aug 26 (KUNA) -- Israel banned some 70 western and Arab activists from reaching the Palestinian territories to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemn the Israeli policies, part of the "Welcome to Palestine" campaign.
The activists were taken back to Amman, the public security department said, adding that a French activist was rushed to hospital after fainting.
A video published in the media showed an Israeli officer attacking an international activist in the Jordan Valley as the activist was participating in a march on bikes which was organized as part of solidarity activities with the Palestinian cause.
Activist Itamar Shapira said Wednesday that his brother, Yonatan--a former Israeli helicopter pilot who is well known locally for refusing to carry out his military duties--was shocked with a Taser gun while passively resisting arrest by sitting down and embracing another passenger.
Betty Berzon, 78 Lesbian activist and renowned psychotherapist; died January 25.