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a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

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Digital Activism Decoded: the New Mechanics of Change, New York: International Debate Education Association.
They looked for evidence of anti-sweatshop activism from 1993-2000 that was reported in major trade journals.
While some observers and REIT managers see this kind of investor activism as disruptive, others argue that it makes REITs more accountable and efficient.
Medical Center) presents a three-volume set containing 45 chapters on the global challenges and emerging issues in politics, policy, and activism surrounding HIV/AIDS, authored by public health, human rights, development, sociology, HIV, epidemiology, political science, psychology, anthropology, and other researchers from around the world.
Michele Ford has succeeded in collecting a comprehensive range of essays about various forms of activism in Southeast Asia.
Offensive shareholder activism occurs when an investor lacking a meaningful stake in a company builds up a sizeable holding on the assumption the company is delivering suboptimal shareholder returns and intends to agitate for change if management does not take steps to correct matters.
Meredith Weiss's Student Activism in Malaysia is the first comprehensive work on the student movement in Malaysia.
What made me become a member of the National Advisory Council was my activism, I go back to activism now in a total sense.
Landy's debate is always anchored in identity formation, concentrating on the impact of activism and opposition to Israel on Jewish identity.
Regardless, I would encourage American Theatre to devote parr of a future issue to the hill story of Daisey's activism. I would be interested to learn more about how-other theatremakers feel about the tension between what Daisey might call "journalistic truth" and "theatrical truth," not only in his work but in their own.
Developed in the Media Activism class at NYU and a project of the Center for Artistic Activism and the Yes Lab, the site includes projects addressing human rights, animal rights, social justice, peace, health, and much more.
Buying Power: A History of Consumer Activism in America.
The law minister pointed out that the PPP was also in the favour of judiciary activism as it was beauty of the democracy like political activism, parliamentary activism and journalism activism.
As a libertarian student in law school, I am inundated both by the conservative obsession with rooting out judicial activism and by the widespread dogma that Lochner's economic substantive due process was an abomination.
From "hysterical housewives" labels (Seager 1996) to "Love Your Mother" bumper stickers (Roach 1991), gender is inescapable in the discussion of environmental activism in the Western world.