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a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

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During the "nadir," Tubman devoted her energies to a variety of black self-help projects, racial politics, and Progressive era reform, including charity work for poor black children, activities with the National Association of Colored Women, activism within the AME Zion Church, and the creation of "a permanent social service institution" for impoverished black elders, which she named in honor of John Brown.
If stock screening contributes to changing corporate behavior in an undefinable, bigger picture way, shareholder activism offers the opportunity for what SIF's Gravitz calls a "laser-beam focus" on particular companies.
Christian and Buddhist together, they inspire faithful and courageous activism rooted in a deep spiritual foundation.
I was involved with the various religious groups doing peace activism, civil rights, and antiwar activities.
It is in this context that women's activism becomes visible and mobilized amidst an increasing tension between local narratives of nationalism and identity vis-a-vis the current conditions of socio-economic hardships.
Indeed, an important benefit of shareholder activism is the "demonstration effect.
Modern activism has morphed from its original idealism into a business, an industry and a self-perpetuating machine that is well organized, highly trained and well funded.
Activism is a reality for communication managers and business executives.
But while she has invested in the stock market for over 25 years, Talley never gave a second thought about shareholder activism.
Considering this venerable tradition of combining pleasure and politics, only the most pinched Puritanical soul could insist that political activism be an exercise in deferred gratification.
PHILADELPHIA -- The Blank Rome Shareholder Activism Group recently achieved a landslide victory for publicly-traded client, The Providence Service Corporation, in successfully defending Providence against a proxy contest brought by a dissident stockholder group that was seeking to oust Providence's Chairman and CEO from the Board of Directors and replace him and one other member of the Providence Board of Directors with their own nominees.
NEW YORK and LONDON, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Activist Insight, the most comprehensive information source on activist investments worldwide and publisher of Activism Monthly, announced today the publication of itsHalf-Year Review 2015 , in association with Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP's Activist & Equity Investment Practice.
In this book, health activism is seen as a legitimate approach to the way health programs are delivered.
Members of the media are invited to the media launch of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign on No Violence Against Women and Children.
Speaking about Judicial Activism Justice Khosa asked the Judicial Officers to exercise judicial activism to jealously safeguard the overall interests of the poor litigant public, those people who are unable to engage the lawyers in search of justice.