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Dishwashing will benefit from consumer activeness in several directions.
It also reflects the pro- activeness of the Group in raising adequate capital in advance of the Comprehensive Assessment," BoC Board of Directors Chairman Cristis Hassapis said in a statement.
A little pro- activeness on the part of the local police would have averted this situation.
WARP is giving this award to those deserving members whose dedication to his or her craft and activeness to the group goes beyond extra miles, A[yen] Olivar said.
28 -- When a businessman is little or more worried about fall in the business, when a corporate loses sleeps due to more activeness of competitors, when despite all out efforts the present business is not yielding the expected results, then the affected concern searches the effective remedy.
The purpose of this paper is to address the suggested literature gap by: (1) identifying diverse groups of companies based on the managerial perceptions of the customers' environmental activeness and deterrents; and (2) investigating the differences among these groups of companies in their environmental strategies as well as the motives for and the results of these strategies.
Another important aspect of this activeness is the grooming of social and managerial skills together with lifelong friendships.
"After we achieved financial stability, this was the best moment to accelerate economic activeness. We didn't need such low budget deficit and debt as a percentage of the GDP," Pavlova said on Nova TV.
Compared to normative data, the total sample obtained lower scores on the Approachability, Social Intelligence, Social Integration, Team Work, and Dynamism and Activeness scales.
Self-reported duration and activeness of coital acts were significantly different for uses of the male condom, compared to uses of the female condom.
In order to do so, they measure three important aspects to social interaction in Japan: (1) activeness, which is considered the basic deliberative democratic norm, (2) hierarchy, and (3) heterogeneity (or "non-harmony") and discuss the influence of these three aspects of social interaction on both formal and informal social networks in Japan.
There were also 3 subgroups divided according to the activeness of the process, the evaluation of its included expression of cytolytic syndrome: the 1st subgroup with low activeness of process (ALT N), 2nd subgroup with midlevel of activeness of the process (ALT-1N-2N), 3rd subgroup --with high level of activeness (ALT is higher 2N).
The Syrian pavilion was selected as the best because of the positive evaluation it earned from the jury panel supervising the Exhibition due to its "distinctiveness, wide participation and activeness" during the five days of the Exhibition.
His enthusiasm and activeness in the kingdom's tourism industry is a real asset to drive Dollar's business in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain." Copyright 2008