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The multi-scale items we used to measure attendees' activeness in sports were taken from Lumpkin and Darden (1982).
These kinds of activeness are combined to build a hierarchical decentralized approach for self-management.
No one can put in the mouth of Prime Minister [Saad] Hariri a word against this man [Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef] C* who is a model to follow in terms of qualifications, activeness and success and who hails from a great family dedicated to serving their country and Arab causes," the statement added.
Besides that, this sports helps in strengthening the body's muscle, but it also lights up the person's confidence, activeness, right attitude and positive energy.
Since 2004 the activeness of treasure hunters has increased in Estonia.
Pointing to the announcement made by the Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, who said on Saturday that Iran is ready to hold talks with the six major world powers over its nuclear program "in late October or early November", Mehman-Parast said, "We have proposed this span of time and if the other side is interested in talks, it should then show more activeness and seriousness in a bid to put this issue into effect.
Importantly, the levels of dopamine have been reported to change when subjects commit error, with subsequent effect on the ACC activeness (12,20,28,29).
The drug, which is described by some as more addictive than crack cocaine, is said to increase alertness, activeness and sexual arousal, but over-use can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure, paranoia and psychosis.
Etymology, however, not only exposes the semantic kinship of face and facade, but also reveals their less obvious features: namely their facticity and activeness.
The state's activeness in supporting innovation and other opportunities for innovation are observed, as are the readiness of companies to invest in innovation and the readiness of businesses to co-operate in the name of innovation amongst themselves and with the public sector.
He also praised the Sultanate's Scouts and Guides for their activeness and enthusiasm towards promoting the scouting and guiding work.
It raises the question of uncovering the activeness and actor-ness of a person or a person in a text/document instead of its passiveness and spectator-ness.
However we are in a different environment today and even in this environment there is room for activeness, as opposed to waiting for the inevitable.
It is expressed by company's activeness and development ability (reflected on the x axis) and flexibility and compass of the value chain (reflected on the y axis).