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in an active manner


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Work did not proceed so actively and conversation halted.
During the whole of the day the king, who, in all probability, wished to free himself from some of the thoughts which disturbed his mind, seemed to seek La Valliere's society as actively as he seemed to show his anxiety to flee that of M.
He felt curious to know what was going to happen and what would be revealed to him; but most of all, he felt joyful that the moment had come when he would at last start on that path of regeneration and on the actively virtuous life of which he had been dreaming since he met Joseph Alexeevich.
You are one of those even now who are working actively against me.
He might not have done so even then, but for certain impatient tapping at the door he seemed to denote that some pretty hard knuckles were actively engaged upon the other side.
equity and international equity funds, while almost $7 billion flowed out of actively managed funds, which was far less than outflows in the previous two years.
Results: Upon the assessment of the data obtained, it appears that the attitudes of the students studying at various high schools toward physical education and sportsclasses are in general positive but, upon the comparative analysis between the variables, it is determined that those students actively doing sportsexhibit more positive attitude than those not actively doing sports.